Do we have previous births?

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In my personal experience, I had memories of my previous births both in my conscious stage and in my dream stage.
Once when I visited Tanjore Prahadeeswarar Temple of Tamil Nadu, I suddenly got a memory of hundreds of years ago. It came as a flash. I saw a king and the people of the past walk across the temple.
This memory came when I was young, when I was doing my graduation at Vivekananda College, Chennai. I shared this experience with my college friend and urged him to come with me next day to the same temple. But next day I didn’t get that experience.
Once when I met my neighbor of my house to which I have recently shifted, I asked him, ‘Why have you grown a beard?’ He was startled at first, and then managed to reply, ‘Just for fun’. Later when I analyzed this incident, I realized that I was meeting this person for the first time. In his previous birth only he didn’t have a beard!
I have had many memories of my previous births in my dreams. In fact I believe, dreams are a process to digest the shocks, pains, fears of our previous births.
I was a cockroach caught by a lizard in one of my dreams. I was a young sparrow learning to fly. I was a crow landing on a beautiful temple, when the priest drove me away!
Once when I was meditating near the altar of Aurobindo in the Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, I realized that I was in fact Aurobindo himself, a great yogi, a past freedom fighter of India.
Later many memories came to me in my dreams from my previous birth as Aurobindo. I was once talking to Bala Gangadara Tilak, a great freedom fighter of India, who lived one hundred years ago. I was talking to Rabindranath Tagore who won Nobel Prize. I was running away from Calcutta to Pondicherry to escape from getting caught by the British Police. I was preparing a bomb. Many such incidents from the life of Aurobindo came to me in my dreams.
I am continuing to do the works of Aurobindo in this birth. I am writing and publishing books and CDs of my spiritual experience, Patanjali Yoga, Thirumanthiram etc.
I have identified many a person’s previous births. Rabindranath Tagore is now A.Krishnamoorthy, Head of the Philosophy Department, AM.Jain College, Chennai, who did a doctorate on Tagore’s Educational theory, and who was called ‘Rabi’, though his name was Krishnamoorthy, and no part of his name had Rabi.
Bala Gangadara Tilak, a great freedom fighter of India, is now Jayakanthan, a well known writer of Tamil Nadu.
Ramana Maharishi is now Charles Rayappan, a healer working in London.
Mira Alfasa also known as Aurobindo Mother is now my wife.
This list is endless. If you come to meet me, I may be able to identify your previous birth too!

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yes we have but they do not

yes we have but they do not relate to our personalities, have nothing to do with the memories or feelings or "I" you have - the sparks of memories we sometimes have are just incidental memories from the collective mind.

Therefore, this subject of reincarnation is just an amusement for the mind, it has no value whatsoever.

lucas | Wed, 04/20/2011 - 06:11
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Collective mind as a central

Collective mind as a central reservoir for all thoughts and feelings is an explanation given for our dreams. But why do we get only a set of thoughts and feelings while someone else gets a different set of thoughts and feelings?

agapuram | Wed, 04/20/2011 - 12:42
not_me | Thu, 04/21/2011 - 20:31
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Our past life experiences

Our past life experiences happen in the present tense not in the past or future tense. When we experience them they are here and now. Only when the experience is over, we think they are in the past. But they are actually in the present.

Yes, time exists only in the mind. But our past lives are always here and now.

agapuram | Fri, 04/22/2011 - 04:09