Disillusionist Dave Oshana

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“The most impressive thing about you is how unimpressive you are,” I once said to Dave Oshana. He laughed and told his wife, who nodded her head (or so he said, we were on Skype at the time). Recently, I was reading the (somewhat out of date) testimonials at one of his websites, and I was struck by how many people had had life-changing experiences around him. These experiences—of “no mind,” oneness, transcendental bliss or swirling lights and colors—often occurred within days, hours, even minutes of meeting him. In one incident, it happened during a woman’s first phone conversation with him—a Canadian journalist entered into a non-ordinary state of awareness and “came to” lying on the grass, wondering why she had a phone in her hand. It took her nine months to write about her experience.

After four years of knowing Dave, I still don’t have any cool stories about no-mind states, bliss-tsunamis, energy balls, halos or Ufos hovering over his head. Nada. Dave Oshana crept up on me so slowly that it’s hard for me to even say exactly what it IS that drew me to him. Why I am so sure that he’s an authentic agent of enlightenment? What is it that impressed me so much? I come back to that one thing: he never tried to impress me. Now that’s impressive!

I was not even remotely interested in finding a guru until I turned 40. Coincidentally that was when I met Dave Oshana. Unlike other spiritual teachers I’ve seen, before and since meeting Dave (admittedly most of them on YouTube or TV), Dave stands out most of all for his complete lack of airs. People often say that their gurus aren’t putting on airs, and that they just “naturally” emanate holiness, or whatever else they emanate. But to my mind, now that I’ve met Dave Oshana, “naturally emanating holiness” comes under “putting on airs.” With Dave there is no soulful gazing, no pregnant silences, no beatific smiles, no disarmingly childish giggling, and no crypto-mystic turns of phrase. Not that these things don’t happen, exactly—they can be part of the Oshana experience (mine at least). It’s only that they don’t call attention to themselves and they don’t ever create the impression of holiness, or of anything else. They are just parts of Dave, and with Dave, what you see is what you get—except for the bit you don’t see. There is no mystery, no magic tricks, no melodrama. Just Dave.

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I must say that this text

I must say that this text reads as yet another sophisticated slick promo to Dave Oshana, one of many that I come across lately that are phrased more or less the same, always with a twist.

Anyway, strange enough, I don't see any guru profile of this teacher here. When I google him, I see too many negative comments about him like the one in http://www3.telus.net/public/sarlo/RatingsF.htm

tiru | Mon, 01/30/2012 - 13:26
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no hidden strings

It's only and entirely what it appears to be: an honest attempt to share my experience and impressions of Dave. If you want to argue that I'm brainwashed, you can. But you seem to be suggesting something else - what, that I am getting a commission?

If there's a similarity of phrasing then mightn't that also be interpreted as a consistency of the reports? You seem to be predisposed to a cynical viewpoint. Any particular reason - or is that a naive question?

Kephas | Mon, 01/30/2012 - 15:29
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The comments are blocked on Dave Oshana's youtube channel


I wonder why?! Below is a comment to the above video I could not post:

The taste of your 'tea' is very stale, toxic and confusion inducing. Not worth sharing at all!
There is a very strong taste of a fat, big Ego filing up all of the tiny cup!
Anybody can be a channel for transmission after they are exposed to it for a while. It doesn't mean they are Self Realised.
ANY positive effects that one will feel around you are because of the energy running through you - Transmission - and DESPITE your fat ego. Sharing transmission is the only 'good' that you do.
An Awakened Being doesn't spread/use fear, control, manipulation, lies... Those are the qualities of the ego.

15 years of teaching... how many are awakened/enlightened?!? Total: 0!
Why has it taken so long for your to come to the light of the public arena?!?
Why your facebook page is closed and no comments can be made? What are you hiding or afraid of?!?

Thanks, but no thanks! Keep your tea to yourself!
Don't get sucked in.
Move on! Save your cents! You will need a lot of them!!! How much are your one to ones please?
As of today: 30 euros for a talk and 70 euros for a one to one. Hurry up people. This is a limited time offer! Not sure what is the price for a blessing though!
If you are sucked in then you are in for a lot of lessons which you are clearly in need of! Enjoy the ride!

I feel sick and I am still throwing up the "tea"! but I am very grateful for the Transmission but at what a cost/price!?! Somebody needed those lessons is the answer. One was very happy once they were over!
I wonder how much progress I would have made if I'd had an honest teacher with the same amount of pure Transmission and none of the sticky, fat ego in the little cup of tea that they are selling!

Surely you should not have a reaction to this as you don't have an ego!

Clarity | Mon, 11/02/2015 - 14:52
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Fab Disillusionist article - Enjoying YouTube Enlightenment!

Thank you for the article "Disillusionist Dave Oshana".

Dave really is a "Disillusionist". Well said! And God knows I need disillusioning after ingesting hundreds of teachers and teachings. Burp! ;-)

Dave Oshana is not like any other teacher I have met. In fact he says the words "teacher" and "teaching" are misleading concepts. We benefit from unlearning not by plowing through information. Experience trumps information. I learned this.

Dave Oshana, is making YouTube videos because now my friends around the world can start to experience the Enlightenment Transmission more fully.

Dave says that the Enlightenment Transmission is the experience of your own true self. It's that simple.

Dave's recent set of videos is "The Psychology of Enlightenment Transmission". They are funny, insight, profound and filled with a special energy. I found them great for lifting up the day because they are short, sweet and to the point.

Dave and the Enlightenment Transmission are truly a hidden gem in the pantheon of spiritual teachers. I would not swap them for anything else. Bliss yourself out!

The series is constantly being updated. I watch a few minutes every day. They are all good. Recent Enlightenment Transmission videos are here:


The most recent videos also appear on the homepage of https://www.daveoshana.com

Feeling good!


CallYul | Wed, 12/20/2017 - 10:55
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Dave Oshana "The Disillusionist" Article

The article can be found on

It's a great article because it really allows you to look at enlightenment and spiritual teaching in simple and direct way without prior assumptions.

The Disillusionist (What Is a Spiritual Teacher?)

CallYul | Sun, 04/08/2018 - 10:42