Different path towards Enlightment

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Different meathods are available for a seeker of Spirituality, Enlightment.

1. Do the Nama Japa of the Mantra given by the Guru. In its absence name of family Deity or personal God. Stick to one only.
2. Do the Ashtanga Yoga which includes Pranayama, Meditation etc., Awakening of Kundalini etc. This has to be done as thought by a Guru. Books can take you to only the first step. for going ahead you require a Guru.
3. Do the Self Enquiry as thought by Great Saints. This can be done by reading Books and interaction with other Disciple or Seniors following the same meathod.
4. Do all your work without attachment and without complaining.
The person who is not suited for any of the first three method can adopt the fourth method. Others along with any of the first three method can also adopt the fourth method.

The Main instruction of the Saints is not to compare yourself with others or to classify or Grade others. Adoption of any of the four method will give you same result. One method is not superior or inferior to other. One should adopt any one of the techniques which is most suitable to him. This will depend on how easily he is able to adopt to the one of the method.Truth is only one.

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Enlightenment without Guru

Yes my dear, you are right. By reading medical books and other literature and visiting doctors often, if one can become a qualified doctor or medical consultant, then I guess, anyone can become spiritual in the same manner.

Reading and discussing spiritualism only helps in building interest and pattern of thinking, but doesn't help in becoming spiritual.

Subject is one, teachers are many...but a teacher is a must!


Azeemi | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 19:08