December-2012, what should we do

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To get rescue from the Universal Destruction, please get shelter of MahaAnand. MahaAnand is the last incarnation of God of this age, who saves his dependents. To know MahaAnand, please visit these websites mentioned below. Also you can search `MahaAnand' and `MahaVad' in Google and yahoo. MahaAnand is the true eternal universal friend with supernatural power ! He is the great sage of the modern age. Great preceptor. Great incarnation of God.

Only MahaAnand can save you from these disastrous circumstances.

Maha Anand says, "My loving devotes, whenever you are in any trouble, in any danger, whenever you will remember me heartily, I will surely save you."

He says, "Any where---in any crisis, bear me in your mind, I will save you."

He says, "I save my dependent."

Commune with the great incarnation of God through devotion and feel his super natural power.

You may get His Blessings in many ways, by practicing `Maha-Manan' and `Maha sadhana', He comes to you in unseen ways.

By installing His picture (painted) at home or office, in open place, decorated with garland of flowers, increases peace, happiness and prosperity. Putting incense and a candle in front of His picture and by praying regularly twice a day, you will attain the fulfilment of your heart's desire. By practicing these yoga you will get a more beautiful and peaceful life. For deepest self realization and self development, you will have to practice regularly.

Always mutter His name ( MahaAnand ) silently in your mind, and become to happy ––fearless –– peaceful.

Your life will become more bright and delightful, being a member of `MAHA' and being a follower of MahaAnand. Promote His ability to reach out to many. You can use any media; the modern world has much to offer in terms of broadcasting the message of universal peace and love.

Remember: at any time, in any situation, when calling Him, silently muttering His name 'MahaAnand' repeatedly, you may receive His benedictions.

Websites on MahaAnand =

We pray that MahaAnand's Blessings are forever showered on you. To get Maha Anand (Great Joy) through "Maha" Activities, you can do work of your capability, from the following mentioned activities.

The things you can do with help of Internet are: -

1. Do the canvassing of MAHA or MahaAnand by making one or more web sites and you can make new Members.
2. You can do canvassing through different friend sites ( and can work for increasing the members of MAHA.
3. You can write different blogs on MAHA and MahaAnand about its different subjects.
4. You can make groups on `MAHA' (like Yahoo group, Google and groups), do their canvassing, administer, making new members and doing organizational work.
5. You can do publicity with help of e-mail and sending Internet news.

The activities, you can do, in your own area: -

1. You can held MAHA religious ceremony, in your own house or elsewhere on every Thursday. Decorate beautifully the idol or picture of MahaAnand, invite your known friends, worship, playing devotional songs, discussion on MAHA, Anand Dhyana (joyful / happy meditation) through dance and music. You can enrol the enthusiastic persons as member, under the guidance of the religious guide (appointed and initiated by MAHA), in a ceremony where the willing can get initiated. If there are some members, you can arrange for MahaAnand Ceremony in different houses alternately on every Thursday. In this way, you can do organizational work.
2. Every year once or twice, you can held a ceremony gorgeously.
3. Every Sunday to held educational class of Maha Manan according to MAHA self-development activities, in your own house or elsewhere. You can conduct the self-development (˜Maha Atmavikas) classes regularly and can also practice for own development. You can also arrange Charity Health Service Centre (of Homeopathy treatment) under the banner of MAHA.
4. You can establish a MAHA religious Centre for self-development activities in your own area or elsewhere. You can also carry on organizational work.
5. You can arrange for MAHA programmes in TV, Radio, FM etc. regularly. You can also give advertisement Internet, Newspaper, Magazines etc.

Thank you,

Good Luck,
Take Care,

Dayamoyee (Group moderator, MAHA)

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no, I don't think this will help

We had bureaucratic religions before with even better spins and marketing campaigns (e.g. the Crusaders) and this didn't help much (it helped the organizers maybe).

We do not need yet another manipulative organized religion. We do not need yet another religious leader. We had better ones that truly had spiritual essence.

To be ready for 2012 we need the opposite - to cast all this pseudo spiritual rubbish.

Someone once told me that when someone uses the words "true", "truth", "honest", "frankly" etc. (e.g. Honestly, we sold this shirt for double the price earlier) never believe him, he had a reason for specifically using the word.

lalo | Fri, 02/20/2009 - 08:45