Darshan of lord Shiva

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Please enlarge and see the photo enclosed. Here i had Shiva darshan, in the voilet beam of light and Shiva is seen inside. In fact there is a stone lingam but it disappears and a beam of voilet light appeared and Shiva is smiling in it. The place is Vridh Madya Maheshwar, which is just 1 1/2 K.M. above 2nd kedar, Madyamaheshwar.

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yogi ashwini has blessed some with Lord Shiva darshan

I have met some people in the dhyan foundation, who have had the supreme grace of Yogi Ashwini , and have been blessed with actual darshan of Lord Shiva. such people are few, and they are dedicated to thier Guru .Once Yogi Ashwini was asked , how come people get 'darshan' of such powerful dieties. Yogi ji replied, 'from time to time the Lord manifests into 'understandable' forms ,such that the faith of people can be reinforced, also it becomes an inspiration for ordinary people to become extraordinary by inspiring them to do 'tapasaya' or penance. , he also added,'sadhaks reach a point in thier tapasaya when they can communicate with the higher energies , exactly as people speak to each other'. Yogi Ashwini explained to my satisfaction.here i share with all.

nitasha | Tue, 03/23/2010 - 03:57