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Do you think, any creative idea/thought/matter/essay - on Spiritual matter should not be taken into account under Copyright Act.

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Of course there cannot be copyright on spiritual stuff

Copyright of any kind, especially money-driven copyright is the opposite of spirituality. Of course there cannot be any copyright on anything spiritual. If one does not understand this than he has a fundamental ignorance regarding the essence of spirituality.

It is not only techniques, phrases, texts that cannot fall under copyright and still enable the holder to remain spiritual. It is also pictures, names and so on.

The one who claims copyright on something is soaked in deep ignorance of reality. He is soaked in separatism. He is a walking spiritual clown. This is so ridiculous - he thinks that he exists as an independant entity, that there is "I", tell such a person to ask "Who is it this "I" that holds the copyright?" but he will probably not understand you - it will be too advanced for him.

If some spiritual thing is true than it is a product of the Self. How can any individual claim ownership of it.

People with interests, usually financial interests, come with all kinds of justifications to copyrights and making money out of spiritual stuff. They invent a whole doctrine to guard their spiritual businesses from criticism. Stay away from any person or any organization or any "teacher" that has anything to do with copyright. This is an excellent and 100% sure sign that he/she is a fraud.

carlito santo | Wed, 03/09/2011 - 18:45