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It has been always said by enlightened saints that number of Guru's available at any point of time are many but it is difficult to get one competent disciple. What is the problem?
Their are infact four types of students:-
1. Who understands, remembers and reproduces as it is whatever is taught to him.He will realise the absolute soon and also go on to become a true Guru.
2. Who understands and remembers partly whatever is taught to him and reproduces only that part which he has understood. Such half baked Disciple are dangerous. But, with little effort on his part he can correct himself and learn the other part and can become an effecient teacher.He will also realise the absolute sooner or later.
3. Who understands and remembers nothing of whatever is taught to him. To cover up his ineffeciency he complains about the Guru and may goahead and call him to be a cheat, bogus, fraud ..............etc.He may also say unpleasent things about his Guru and his ashram. Adi Shankara says that he is not as dangerous as the fourth.
4. Who understands, remembers and reproduces exactly opposite to whatever is taught to him. Such unbaked Disciple are very dangerous.He not only does not understands the absolute but with his ignorance he tries to determine what the absolute is and teaches others the same by calling himself a Guru. Keep away from such persons. Who can save him or his Disciple?

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Re: Competent Disciple

There are other types too.
5. Have complete blind faith in Guru and try to promote him even though the Guru cheats people before their very eyes.
6. Have complete blind faith in Guru and do whatever is said by the Guru. Even if he orders to kill someone, the disciples will do without a second thought.
7. Some disciples are moved by fame, name and respect owned by the Guru and they try to usurp it by either hook or crook.
8. Some become disciples for others are following like sheep following another sheep.

There may be many types also. What happens in the end is:

According to His karmas the Guru goes,
According to his karmas the disciple goes.

Nathyogi | Tue, 08/19/2014 - 05:38