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Hari Om

I would be grateful, if I could get some clarification / guidance. I normally meditate keep my concentration on crown of my head.

At times during meditation, I feel some thick liquid flowing out from top of my head, and the liquid moves out more towards right side of my head. And during such times I feel a relative calmness envelope me.

Further there are times when I am doing my day to day chorus; I get this feeling kind of spontaneously without any conscious effort.

Last few days, I get a peculiar kind of prickly feeling on spine opposite to my heart (near to my heart). I kind of get disturbed due to this prickly feeling.

My query is can someone kindly explain about the above points. And further please advice as to how I can achieve spiritual advancement.

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wow! beautiful!

Don't worry at all, and don't mind this experiences, its beautiful what you are experiencing.

The reason why you felt some dense liquid flowing through your head is the because you have finally started to concentrate.
i.e. "Mann lagna shuru ho gaya"
Its actually not some thick liquid but concentration of subtle component "Manah"
Also, that prickly feeling at the back is also a part of it.

Keep it up brother ! I think its time for you have a real guru, who can guide you the way.
else, you could contact people through this forum :)

mittaladitya89 | Mon, 03/19/2012 - 03:07
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Sorry for the many typing mistakes

haha I read my comment and saw missing words and spelling mistakes.
Sry for that .

mittaladitya89 | Mon, 03/19/2012 - 03:09