A Christian Biblical Study of the Holy Spirit & Spiritual Orbs

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This is written to give a Christian biblical perspective on spiritual orbs. I will proceed to demonstrate how these spiritual orbs are supernatural and divine. The photographs that I will be presenting are of the Holy Spirit and some of His works. These photographs and videos have been a mystery to mankind for decades. The Holy Spirit is highly misunderstood in the world. Many have seen Him, but few have recognized Him. He is erroneously known as paranormal orbs, spirit orbs, angel orbs, and ghost orbs. Some people who have not seen orbs with their naked eyes believe them to be photographic anomalies. To understand the Holy Spirit, we must consult scripture. I will be using both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.

Identifying the Holy Spirit

This is a photograph of the Holy Spirit descending like a dove as He did during the baptism of Jesus.

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