Chris Mitchell (Chrism) is dangerous fake guru, stay away.

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Hello dear seekers!

After my kundalini awakening I was confused and looking for information to understand what has happened. Unfortunately I found a site called kundalini awakening systems, also known as KAS. The leader of this group is called chrism or chris mitchell, he's not trying to help people, he takes advantage of people like us in a vulnerable state of not knowing what is going on with our spiritual path. He is an ego maniac, histrionic, hungry for his followers worshipping.

When someone contradicted him he was rude to them, he even erased people from the group so that he was only surrounded by the peoole that agreed with him.

I was unlucky enough to participate in his so called "shaktipats" and I feel that was when he messed with my energy. I got help from healers that broke any connection that was formed between me and this person. If you have been in contact with him or his group, quit all the groups and unfriend him from social networks and get help from some spiritual healer.

It is better to have no guru at all than having a disgusting person inside your energy field. I warn you to stay away and warn other people you know involved with this group. Please take this warning seriusly and look at the other comments that confirm this is a danger.


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fake guru chrism

Thank you! Thank you for spreading the awareness! It takes a mighty city to take down a villain!

kactive_ethics | Sat, 06/30/2018 - 21:53