Choosing a Guru

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Lot of things, mostly unpleasent things are said of a Guru. A person cannot rate a Guru. A disciple chooses his Guru out of ignorance, whereas a guru selects his disciple with Knowledge. So when you have chosen a Guru out of ignorance, how can you rate him. Even to know what ignorance is you require knowledge. only with knowledge one can deter mine what is Knowledge and what is ignorance. Therefore, till you attain knowledge stick to one Guru with love and devotion.

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Search of Guru

If a disciple is in capacity of choosing a Guru then he him self is GURU,then no need to choose a Guru.
Disbelief and so many questions and reasonings can never lead a disciple/seeker to a GURU,then that so called disciple/seeker is not even disciple/seeker.

madan_gautam | Mon, 08/24/2009 - 13:08