Chanting of mantras during meditation

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I wish to know what is the effect of chanting mantras during meditation .
Some saints say that during meditation, mantras should be chanted, while some say not to chant mantras during meditation which distracts the mind.
What are the views for and against by the expert members?

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Meditation and mantras

It depends on the purpose of the meditation and the kind of mantra. There is no one generic answer.

If it's meditation for meditation then no mantra is advisable. Just concentrate on your being, on your breath or watch your thinking process or body sensations. There is no need for mantras, they will just distract you.

If you meditate to achieve some goal (which is absolutely all right) and you know a mantra that can help metaphysically in achieving that goal, then, by all means, recite the mantra.

kadabra | Mon, 11/25/2013 - 00:46