Can we still progess

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I hope I can get some insight from everyone here as this is the only spiritual community I know and all your replys are valued. my question is?
When we read books of great teachers and Gurus are we able to still make spiritual progress or do we need the actual one to one teachings and guideance from teachers and gurus themselves. you see I think I have made progress and gained some understanding of the teachings but, is it REAL understanding or am I Interpreting it to suit myself and not the true depth and meaning,the gurus say once you know the truth there is nothing more you need too know.I meditate on problems and get answers, but sometimes I think am I making the answer fit the problem? and then the problem would pop back up in a slightly different way,
If there's blogs on here that you could point me to that could help or you have points of views I will be greatful to hear them. thank you all.

OM Shanti

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This is a good question. We

This is a good question. We can extract a lot and all from books. It indeed requires one to be terribly and cruelly sincere with himself, always inquire in what he fools himself, always inquire when he is interpreting the book knowledge to give himself excuses. A good aid in this inquiry is to check how your insights contribute to your ego because usually it is the ego that makes these schemes.

But at some point, a flesh and blood guru is necessary to counter the mind. Based on my experience and that of others, there is no subsitute to the living guru. I found out that all those who ever argued against the necessity of a living teacher were either motivated by the ego which didn't want someone else to dominate him or/and by fear of the change that is about to happen because of this guru.

But, and this is the most important thing: do NOT be obsessed now with finding a guru. Enjoy the books. Search for a guru only when you FEEL BORED with the books, when you feel that they don't give you anything anymore. As long as there is this excitement from reading the books, be there, enjoy the books, this excitement is derived from some deep consciousness within. Trust it.

And when the need for a living guru comes, you will know and actually you will not need to desperately look for a guru but a guru will find you. You will just have to notice him. Then a voyage to a place like India will be helpful, not only because there are many excellent teachers there, not only because there is a powerful spiritual energy there, but also because it will enable you to disconnect a bit from the family, from work, from daily pressures and influences and get open to the unknown, to the guidance.

seeker | Wed, 01/18/2012 - 19:43
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Thank you

Thank you seeker for your reply it's helped very much, you're right about a guru being needed at some point, but I don't think I will find one in this body, so I suppose it could be preperation for my next,who knows? and I do enjoy the books they have helped changed my life, as have the views of all at gurusfeet with their input. At the Moment I'm reading I am That,talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, which got me really thinking that maybe I have been Conned by my ego,which is stopping me looking deep inside. the more I read it,the more things in my life don't seem to make as much sense as they once did, if you know what I mean.Once again thank you.

OM Shanti

Shogon | Thu, 01/19/2012 - 10:38
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Hey shogon, be careful not

Hey shogon, be careful not to turn the spiritual quest into an instrumental task towards a goal. That achievement format is adequate to almost every other walk of life but not to spirituality. Here the path, the means, is equally important as the end. In other words, our spiritual activity should not be geared towards some enlightenment. This is a terrible pitfall many of us fall into.

Hence, do whatever your heart tells you to do, do whatever you are directed to, whether it is a guiding book or a guiding person, embrace with love the tricks of your mind and ego and understand their reasons.

And by the way, you were immensely fortunate to come across I Am That which sums it all and is more worthy than thousands gurus. For me it took eons to get to know about this one of its kind book.

suzi | Thu, 01/19/2012 - 15:06
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No goal

Thank you for your reply, I don't seem to have a set goal at the moment for enlightenment or anything else I've been more or less going with the flow of things and get drawn to different book by different teachers, after I read them a few times then I think have I've gained a bit of understanding.Do you think I need a set goal to give me something to aim for?

Om Shanti

Shogon | Fri, 01/20/2012 - 04:55
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On the contrary, set no

On the contrary, set no goals, these are of course goals of the mind (who else can set goals?) and as such cannot be productive or relevant (how can a mind really know what is needed?) and just divert you from the path, the now to something non-existant in the future.

suzi | Fri, 01/20/2012 - 07:50
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Knowledge combined with meditation equals guru

Reading spiritual texts combined with meditation practice if done with sincerity and persistence are the best formula for progress.

One who has a problem following one of these sub-activities (inquiry or meditation) should better seek a teacher. It is important to emphasis that having such a problem is perfectly OK, it is part of our psyche composition, it;'s part of the path. For such cases a human guidance is for.

shishmanidov35 | Thu, 01/19/2012 - 23:54
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Thank you for you reply,now I'm reading I am that sri Nisargdatta Maharaj I suppose I've come to wonder have I been deluding myself that I have understood what was in the books or should I leave off them for awhile and focus all my meditation time on stripping away the layers in Neti,Neti
which is what Ramana Maharshi tells us also. I've read this is a battle in its self.
there have been lots of people who have made the statement "you have to fight for what's right", have I deluded myself because this is the real path and what I should be focused on?or is all this doubt another trick of my ego?

Om Shanti

Shogon | Fri, 01/20/2012 - 05:28
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You are extremely lucky to

You are extremely lucky to come across the book "I Am That". You are extremely lucky to come across this site. It might seem to you accidental but it is not.

We delude ourselves all the time but are extremely lucky to have that force to assist us not only by exposing our delusions but also in reminding us that the path is not less important that the destination, if any.

sharonk | Mon, 01/23/2012 - 20:13