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I bow to Thee, O Thou Pure Existence, the one Support
of all the worlds;
I bow to Thee, O Thou Pure Intelligence, the one Self
of the multiform universe;
I bow to Thee, the Nondual Being, the Giver of
I bow to Thee, Supreme Brahman, Limitless and Absolute.


Thou art the sole Refuge; Thou alone art Adorable.
Thou alone art the Cause of the universe: Thou art
in all beings.
Thou alone art the Creator, Ruler, and Destroyer
of the universe.
Thou art the one undiversified, immutable Supreme Being.


The terror of terrors, the most terrible of terrible;
The goal of all beings, the purifier of all purifiers;
The highest of the high, the protector of all protectors;
Thou art the one Controller of the paramount powers.


O the supreme Lord, eternal,existent in all forms;
O Thou, the truth,indefinable, unattainable by the senses;
O Thou, the inconceivable, imperishable, all-pervasive
O the Supreme Ruler, unmanifest, manifesting the
universe, save us from misery.


On That alone we meditate, That alone we adore;
To That one Witness of the universe we bow down;
That one Existence, unsupported, supporting the universe;
The Ruler, the Abode, the Boat to cross the ocean of
life, is our sole Refuge.

(Mahanirvana Tantra)

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