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After decades of deluding newcomers to their religion, leading Brahma Kumaris have finally admitted to that their published history is false, and that it should removed from public ... at least in the West.

Recent revelations have proven that the leaders of so called "Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University" have been serious deceiving their followers and financial supporters over the last 60 years as well as:

    • carrying out tax frauds and 'creative' accounting,
    • immigrations scams,
    • allowing favored followers to turn the religion into private businesses,
    • encouraging the breaking up of families,
    • carrying out secret sexual relationships
    • re-writing the spiritualist messages they tell their followers is God speaking through their mediums,
    • making false claims of their leaders supernatural abilities and, most of all,
    • encouraging their followers to finance their lifestyle on the basis of an stream of failed predictions of the end of the world.

The Brahma Kumaris claim that they are the only true and enlightened religion, that all other religions are mere parts copies of their own, even religions which started 1,000s of years before theirs. They claim God speaks only via their mediums and all other religions are impure and degraded, that no other religious founder has achieved enlightenment or liberation except their millionaire businessman founder Lekhraj Kripalani and that he is the father of humanity.

It turns out that for the 18 years of their religion, they actually believed Lekhraj Kripalani was God, God Prajapati Brahma and the original source of the Gita. It was only after the failure of a number of his predictions of the End of the World during WWII and 1950 that they invented or claimed another god or spirit was speaking through Lekhraj Kripalani and that this was God Shiva.

God Shiva then predicted the world would end in 1976, the mid-1980s, the BKWSU leaders claimed Year 2000, at present followers are buzzing about 2012 as, according to them, heaven one Earth is going to start in 2036 with their founder Lekhraj Kripalani being reborn as Krishna and crowned as Narayan.

Of course, the leaders have been lying about, hiding, and re-editing or re-writing their God's teachings and have recently be speaking about doing so more.

It's business as usual.

If anyone is interested in knowing what they really teach rather than what they tell the world, e.g. time repeating identically every 5,000 Years, all religious founders having to come to them to re-learn their religion, their belief they will become angels come the end of the world, their responsibility for bringing about the nuclear destruction of the world please just ask.

Thank you.

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