Black magic exists?

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Some one recently requested for protection against a guru, sahaj marg? It brings us to the main question, whether such thing exists?
I m concerned as my son is a disciple and afraid if it is true then what should I do?

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Balck magic needs cooperation to be effective

Of course there is black magic but it requires the cooperation of the object on which black magic is performed, you. If you don't have the fear of the outcome of the bloack magic, black magic will not work in your case. This gives you the direction.

Look at the wonderful post about fighting evil eye in

silencio | Sun, 09/12/2010 - 23:04
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Black magic exists in the

Black magic exists in the field of organic reality. Anything can appear in that reality (maya).It´s a dream. The source, the truth, the "One", has never born and will never die.It´s pure consciousness. Black magic is in the field of maya. Brahman however dreamt it but, it´s an illusion.

Hannu Peltonen | Sun, 02/06/2011 - 08:46
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Black or White magic, Majick, or Magi

Exist, by intent, and powerful thought. the " Black or White " is the fuel, positive outcome fuel or negative outcome fuel " or " self serving desire intention or selfless desire outcome"

There is no " can not exist " because technically it exists somewhere. Remembering knowledge outside of our boxes is empowering. Confinement to the boxes can bring and mean limitations and limited solutions.

Perhaps the " fear " of the unknown, is more evident than the " Black magic, majick, or magi idea. In the end, they exist even when people do not acknowledge it.

Black magic practitioners are widely mis-understood by fear or disinformation, and the lack of information.

Matakokiri | Sat, 01/29/2011 - 23:17
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Few interesting things

Out of curiosity I went to srcm ashram, first, I could not find trace of spirtuality, it is full of costly bunglow and stuff like that. They did not allow me to read books, they said that it is for members. However I read books given by my son. He gave me book of whisper from brighter world. It is full of powers and praise of the guru, what he is and what he is doing. It has further raised my fears for my son. I talked to many followers they are also talking about his powers. I dont know how spirtual people can talk about power. My son is in the same wrong track. I researched web, guru is also forcing marriages, it further makes me very nervous.Can some one give me direction, as to how to get my son out of this non sense, if not atleast from the black magic powers, if at all.

satya | Sun, 01/30/2011 - 18:13
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Few more interesting things

When I went to their ashram, there was one to one meditation and I was amazed to see other person shivering back and forth with such intensity in so called meditation,as if some one is pushing with hands. I asked them what was it he said it was transmission. I m even now more nervous. There is poster, which states that guru wants discipline at all costs and he can go to any extent to teach the disciple about it. I asked one follower what does it mean, he gave an example like if guru says any thing it should be followed. He gave an example when a disciple visited him, he got the news of his mother expired, but the guru insisted not to go for funeral. He was telling this for perfect obedience and discipline. I have stopped talking and left the place. There is other stream which practises the same method(ISRC) and when I went there it looked like spirtual place, small serene place. I asked them why they are seperated from Chari, their answer was he deviated from the main path and is misusing power(blackmagic) and money. Please guide me to get my son out with out getting harmed by Chari.

satya | Sun, 01/30/2011 - 18:53
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amy01 | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 01:56
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Black Magic exists

We all know that every thing have two aspects postive and negative, if you take anything as input then you will give something output, if anyone heart someone that person want to take his revenge so he does some bad activities that is called revenge but he uses some magic it is called BLack Magic, it is exist. There are many antras use for do that but also remedies to remove so it is exist.

liveastrology | Wed, 10/19/2016 - 09:51