Bhagavad Geeta - Understanding


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Capacity to understand in the right way is the essential requisite in life. We need the inner light to see the way in all circumstances. In this world of duality, good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood are so intermixed that a clear understanding is indispensable for a right choice at each and every step of life. Through it we can view things in true perspective and appraise them correctly. It enables us to distinguish between the good and the pleasant, the essential and the non-essential, the primary and the secondary, the Real and the unreal. Thus it prevents confusion and infuses conviction in us. With this inner eye open, we feel we walk in light.

Geeta is an inner light which takes us away from the confusion of duality. The duality is of what is correct and what is not; what is true and what is not; what is to have to be accepted and what's that which is not and answer to these questions may be sought with the help of Geeta.

Right understanding develops when the mind is purified. God is all purity. If we surrender to God then our minds start to get purification which increases the capacity of the mind for taking the genuine decisions. It is the same purification as it has been flowing from unlimited source of purity to a pond and this pond is our mind. It is also pure intellect. Pure intellect does not function until the mind is calm.Mental purity and calmness go together.

Moral impurity blurs our vision and prevents us from seeing things in their true light. Even if by some means we come to know the right course, we are not able to pursue it as long as the wrong tendencies prevail in us. As it often happens, emotions like anger, pride, greed, jealousy, hatred, fear and lust unbalance the mind, overpower will and hoodwink reason.

So when we pray to God for right understanding, we should at the same time try our utmost to be pure in thought, speech and deed, and pray to him to help us be so. Prayers are readily responded to only when we sincere, when we make the best use of our existing capacities howsoever limited they may be. Whatever resources God has already provided us with we must utilize fully before we ask for more. And this prayer is answered by God through the increase of inner spiritual insight. To keep this tuning of spiritual insight we must remain in the state of having surrendered to God; therefore, Lord Krishna said in Geeta as below:----

" To them, ever devout and worshiping Me with love, I give the spiritual insight by which they come to Me."
Bhagavad Gita
X: 10.