Bhagavad Geeta - Thus spake Lord Krishna


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The unreal never is.
The real ever is.
Men of wisdom fully know both these. 1.

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The focus: never & ever

It's important to point that the focus here is on the words "never" and "ever".

At first look, this verse seems to say nothing, a tautology, of course the real exists and the unreal does not, it's by definition, what's all the fuss?

But when examined carefully, you find that the fundamental issue here is that something does not really exists if it doesn't exist for ever.

This is not a dogma the Bhagavd Gita suggests you to adopt or some metaphysical truth, it's the mere fact that we seldom overlook and is a bit hard to get in the beginning: if something exists temporarily then it doesn't exist. It's a form, it's a manipulation of matter, it's an attribute of something else.

hugo | Wed, 12/23/2009 - 20:54

> The focus: never & ever

Hello my precious brother Hugo,
Through The inscrutable Maya of Brahma unreal seems forever as real which is the realm in which, if we have been unrealized soul, we are presently residing wherein two ends have been the most important which are called birth and death, beginning and ending, starting and finishing. How can the intellect of man can trace the both of these of the space and the time? Let quantum physics break the both if it can do in our knowledge factories. But our faculties of thinking have limitations to these we are not capable to cross these. Inspite of it we are observing daily the phenomena of death and birth, birth and death, beginning and ending etc. which seem us real but actually never.

After ascending the realm of space and time and the platform of birth and death conscious of human being crossed the border of this unreal realm, if permitted by the inscrutable Maya, then the unspoken great divine journey happened through the grace Holy Mother(Kundalini) and all the boundaries of mind, intellect, ego, senses, chitta are crossed and conscious soul reached beyond space and time, birth and death, beginning and ending etc. which is the state ever, ever the real but non-graspable to human mind in the state in which at a time we have been under the control/administration of inscrutable Maya of Brahma.

Victory, victory, victory to Mother Kundalini.

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NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 12/26/2009 - 18:48