Bhagavad Geeta - Through Him All: Thus Spake Lord Krishna


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As long as ego prevails in us, as long as we hold ourselves separate from God, we cannot outgrow our limitations, no matter where we go, what we do, whatever we attain. When we seek God for God's sake and find Him and become united with Him, then only do we become heirs to Divine Wisdom, Freedom, Love,and joy in the true sense. Let us seek Him and Him alone; love Him and Him alone; worship Him and Him alone.

For this we need strength --------- physical, mental, moral, and spiritual. It is through His power that we can walk in HIS PATH. It is through His light that we can find Him. It is through His grace that we can adore Him. It is through His love that we can be united with Him.

Therefore Lord Krishna said in Gita at chapter IX verse 18 as: " He is Goal, the Protector, the Master, the Witness, the Abode, the Refuge, the Friend."