Belief Systems

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What is for you a Belief System? we all have an idea about the subject but my invitation is to look a bit deeper and find out what is behind this so called believes and the main discussion would be how do we drop these believes and either replace them with other ones that can serve us better or simple stop hearing them.

I think that they actually are very much controled by our egos and they are simply truth that we brelieve to be true.


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Re; Belief systems

Is man and his experience of the world, his belief and ego are apart from the mind?

If they are apart then whatever you say is right. Inquiry and reason reveals the fact that man and his experience of the world together is mind. therefore whatever one sees,knows, believes and experiences as a person of the world are unreal, in spiritual sense. because the man and his experience of the world are within the mind. hence the mind is not within the body.

Whatever you are saying may help the people who are after physical fitness and to release their stress, by diverting their attention else where from the stressful situation. But all the physical based theories are nothing to do with the spirituality.

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Have a blissful time

santthosh kumaar | Sun, 07/20/2008 - 03:15
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Transcending beliefs

Hi Santthosh

True that whatever one believes is unreal. It seems our friend is asking how these beliefs can be transcended because they keep mind in delusion. Beliefs are not Truth, but they are obstructions to this potential Realization, and so what to do with them is a worthy pursuit for the seeker.

All belief systems have boundaries because they are conceptualizations that must fall apart when examined closely enough. We are drawn to a particular belief system because it resonates with our level of understanding or offers us comfort, but in some way promises to help us find what we seek or we would not be interested.

However, perhaps we know that no conceptual system of beliefs can ultimately do that because none of them are ultimately True, and so the exploration of any belief is just the exploration of the boundaries of that belief, which are also our own boundaries of understanding/awareness, and so it is perfect that we push at these boundaries.

This pushing doesn't go well when the belief system is believed to be the ultimate Truth rather than the stepping stone of awareness that it is, and so folks can get stuck in a belief system for a lifetime, but it need not be so. All belief systems contain, within them, the key to the transcending of it, but there must be the willingness to see these boundaries and question everything.

Paradox will arise precisely where this boundary is, and this is a critical point. Do we challenge the paradox, recognizing it as a boundary, or do we justify it by forming another concept? For example, in Christianity, why does a loving God allow sufering? Those who want to justify the belief system will say something like, 'God wants us to have free will or to learn our lesson or to trust in Him or it's not God that causes suffering but man', but really the foundational concept of a thinking, controlling, judging God is false and this is why the paradox forms.

The same can be done with any belief system, even nondual, Advaita systems of teaching which also must be recognized as not ultimately True. At some point perhaps a quantum leap can be taken in the recognition that nothing is True; that Truth is the foundation of Beingness out of which all concepts arise, and so Truth stands empty. Before the first thought, I Am. No concepts are needed, and none apply.


Phroggy | Sat, 07/26/2008 - 19:42
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Belief Systems


i guess you want a practical answer, not a philosophical run around.

Belief systems are what we grow up with, not what we are born with. These are conditioned memories of experiences that are lodged in the unconscious mind, which is 90% of our mind. Most of what we think to be rational decisions are prompted by these unconscious engraved memories, that are termed samskaras in Sanskrit.

It is as if these memories furrow deep grooves within the mind that the brain finds easier to follow. Not fiction, if you read Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart etc whose writings are based on science.

yes, there is a way we can rewrite these unconscious memories. My master Nithyananda says that reliving is relieving. If we relive these experiences in a meditative state the emotions associated with these memories get expunged and they lose the power to influence us. We can implant new memory patterns as well or accept things as they arise.

we teach these techniques as part of a process in our Life Bliss Programs ( If you are interested in knowing more take a look.

Sure, life is maya, it is non dual, but tell that to a guy after hitting him on the head and while he is bleeding. The experience, experiencer and the experienced are very decidedly triple, not just dual.

as long as we are in body mind state we are in duality. If we were in non duality we shall not be posting on to these forums!

ramadvaith | Thu, 07/31/2008 - 16:42