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Scientific studies have discovered that meditation increased the brain size. It allows people to deal better with the physical and to “rise above” physical limitations. A scientist found that certain areas of the brain were altered during deep meditation – predictably the front of the brain that are involved in concentration. But, scientist also found decreased activity in the parietal lobe, one of the parts of the brain that helps orient a person in three-dimensional space. Therefore, when people have spiritual experiences – just like during meditation – they feel they become one with the universe and lose their sense of self.

When we meditate, we are able to enter the world of our Beings and transcend physical boundaries. Is our ego mind shut off during meditation due to the strong bond and interconnection between our Being and Universal Being? Or are we simply able to develop awareness for the existence of an inner Being to step out of our ego minds?

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"I cannot tell you any

"I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don't know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten" - Eckhart Tolle

As the quote states, everyone possesses all the spiritual truths of the world. It is all within us, innate perhaps? As society changes and life develops into a more complex era with technological developments that no longer require as much brain and body work, why do we seem to focus outward more than we focus inwards? Why does it seem that many people are not aware of the Being and that his or her existence is actually a puzzle piece to the universe? Are we WHOLEness or NOTHINGness?

angelaIBSH | Wed, 06/10/2009 - 10:57
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coping with fear of meditation is the main spiritual work

But so many spiritual people are terrified of meditation. This is the spiritual epidemic of this era. They will come up with all sorts of rational excuses why meditation is not necessary and even harmful like a fisherman who is afraid of the sea.

lilian | Thu, 06/11/2009 - 05:16
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Do you think people are

Do you think people are afraid to face their “inner selves”? You mentioned that some people are terrified of meditaiton and reflection of the Being. Why do people tend to focus outward more? Is it simply easier and more comfortable? Or are they just trying to escape dealing with the complex Being?


angelaIBSH | Thu, 06/11/2009 - 10:50
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much more basic

No, it's much simpler and less conceptual - peoples' minds are terrified of inactivity - this basic survival fear has many names such as fear of emptiness, nervousness, restlessness, addiction to entertainment etc. which basically are all variations of the same mental fear.

Meditation means a state of inactivity that triggers these fears.

lilian | Thu, 06/11/2009 - 14:00
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In other words, what you

In other words, what you mean is that meditation allows us to deal with different types of fears - nervousness, stress, restlessnes, etc. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

I agree with you! The ego mind is afraid of the unknown, therefore it sometimes creates thoughts that might lead to us overreacting. We, though, have the ability to control these thoughts, and through meditation, we can allow ourselves to reach a state of peace and bliss because we are able to ignore the ego mind and to act without it inteferring with us experiencing essence.

angelaIBSH | Fri, 06/12/2009 - 16:25