Basic flaw in astrology

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Basic flaw in astrology

Swami sang the following three lines:

“Jnana Tejasam Tam Divakaram, Jnana Karakam Tam Shanaishcharam, Jnana Dayakam Tam Yamam Bhaje”.

This means “I shall pray the Sun, who emits the radiation of spiritual knowledge, the Saturn who generates the spiritual knowledge and Yama who gives the spiritual knowledge (to Nachiketa).”

Swami continued: Sun, Saturn and Yama are the three spiritual preachers in the traditional Vedic line. Sun is the son of Kashyapa and is called as Kashyapeya. Kashyapa is called as Pashyaka, meaning the seer of even minute subtle concepts (Kashyapah Pashyako bhavati yah Pashyati Saukshmyan…Veda) and this means the top most spiritual preacher. I am born in the early hours (Brahma Muhurta) of Sunday in Kashyapa dynasty (Gotram). I am born in the zodiac of Capricorn for which the Lord is Saturn. My birth star is Uttarabhadra in which the period of Saturn starts. The Capricorn is viewed by Saturn from the seventh house (Cancer). The Capricorn indicating the crocodile is famous for the firm grip or firm determination, which is essential in the spiritual knowledge for practice.

Today is the day on which the Saturn is moving from Cancer Zodiac to Leo Zodiac (In the early hours of this day, Swami looked very black and certain physical changes were seen in His body. Today one devotee Mrs. Shrutakirti from Hydarabad reports that Swami gave her vision as Lord Yama in jet black color surrounded by several departed souls, sitting on the throne, conducting the enquiry).

You must understand that the planets indicate the nature of the soul and not vice-versa. Due to planets the nature is not created. This is the basic flaw in astrology. People think that the planets due to their positions and movements harm or benefit them.

The planets harm or benefit the people not based on their positions and movements, but they harm or benefit based on the bad and good deeds of the people done previously. The word Jyoti stands for light meaning the planet. But the same word Jyoti stands for the original light or God (Param Jyotih….Veda, Jyotiradhikaranat…..Brahma Sutra). The real astrology is only the spiritual knowledge. People approach astrology for remedies to their problems. The solutions must be linked to the worship of God so that slowly people become devotees of God. Even the Kamya Yajna (Sacrifice performed to fulfill the desire) slowly is expected to lead the person to the worship of God and this is the path of Veda (Nastyakrutah….Veda).

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Astrology is Introduction to Philosophy

Astrology and destiny

Astrology says that the happening of good or bad incidents is due to the planets. This misunderstanding again leads the people to think that their actions are destined by the planets. Here, your actions are not destined by the planets. Your actions are only destined by your psychological set up, which is destined by your past deeds. The planet links the specific fruit for the specific action.

You do something based on your Samskara. The planet gives its correspondent fruit immediately. You blame the planet for guiding you to do a specific work and this is totally wrong. A planet is only destined to give the specific result linked with your specific action. The specific work is based on your specific psychological pattern only. The horoscope gives the composition of your specific psychological pattern. Since your future actions also depend on the same pattern, future prediction can be easily given. A specific psychological pattern is always linked with a specific composition of planets representing your qualities or ideas.

Therefore, there is no external destiny here other than yourself regarding your future. If the Samskara is modified with the help of the divine knowledge, the whole destiny is changed, which means your horoscope totally disappears. Every period is divided into sub periods, every sub period is again divided into further sub periods and every division involves the revolution of all the nine planets again and again. This means that human being is a mixture of both good and bad always in every step of the time.

Astrology is Introduction to Philosophy

Actually, the basic concept of astrology indicates that there is the existence of some unimaginable supernatural force that guides this world. Hence, astrology is an introduction for the philosophy. Without taking this basic reality, you misuse the astrology to justify yourself by linking your wrong actions to the planets. The worship of the supernatural and unimaginable planets introduces the worship of unimaginable God. But, this is again misused as the worship of the planet for not giving the bad result for the bad action done by you.

If you worship God, He will preach you the right knowledge, which changes the total destiny. By your worship, God will not protect you from your sins. Therefore, in this world, the destiny is also in your hands only. There is full freedom for you to change your destiny through the right knowledge. Hence, this world of humanity is called as ‘Karma Loka’, which means that your actions decide everything and that your action is based on your psychological pattern only and not by any pre-determined external destiny. The upper worlds are called as ‘Bhoga Lokas’ because there is no freedom to perform any new action and you have no freedom at all, but for enjoying the destined results for your already recorded actions.

‘Pravrutti’ means attachment to worldly bonds. ‘Nivrutti’ is detachment of your worldly bonds for the sake of God. This world is the stage for both pravrutti and nivrutti. Full freedom up to the level of changing your destiny exists here. Your destiny is only your fixed psychological pattern generated from the past deeds and not any other external force. This pattern can be changed by the right knowledge received from God in the form of preacher. Therefore, there is every chance for changing your destiny in this world. Generally, people blame the reason for their bad actions to be some external force called as destiny in which there is no trace of their personal psychological involvement. People say, ‘People say so’. The people cannot be the authority unless the whole subject is perfectly analyzed. Even there are several misinterpretations in books written by ancestral scholars. You should not blindly take the people or the ancient books as authority without analyzing them perfectly. The Gita says that you will laugh at such authorities if you analyze the subject with sharp scientific intelligence (Buddhyaayukto…).

Even if the implementation is impossible, it is better to have the right knowledge, which follows the soul to the next birth so that the practical implementation can be done sometime in the future. This point looks quite good, but there is the practical danger. Just like the cooked food can be attacked by the bacteria in the atmosphere, the right knowledge is also attacked by the worldly attractions and sometimes, the right knowledge may become weaker and weaker and even may finally disappear even in the later part of this life. Therefore, it is better to implement the realized concept as early as possible like eating the cooked food immediately.

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May you please let me know about this question?

What should we prefer, vedic astrology or western astrology?

prena10 | Mon, 04/04/2016 - 07:20
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Hope this would be helpful for you

Without doubt , Indian astrology is far superior with a more than 2000 years legacy .

Western astrology is a complete hoax and a poor carbon copy when compared to Indian astrology. There are following major differences :

1. Western astrology does not use fixed zodiac system , so its planetary longitude have shifted 24 degrees which means almost all planets would go to next sign and thus changing all calculations.

In a case of one of my clients , he was following internet astrology and he thought Saturn had exited from Libra in October 2012 and continued suffering until Oct 2014 when Saturn actually exited Libra as per Indian astrology.

This way, Western astrology is wrong from beginning.

2. Western astrology introduced Planets beyond Saturn like Neptune , Uranus and Pluto which are having large orbital periods of 84 to 240 years which are too large compared to average life of human being .These have not been empirically tested for sure results for at least 4-5 cycles.

These revolve around Sun at different plane than planets till Saturn. For these reasons, Indian astrology has no use of these planets , just like a tractor parallel moving in a field has no effects on highway traffic.

3. Western astrology does not use Dasha system based on Moon's Nakshatra hence they cannot time the events correctly and they solely go by Transit and change of planet's sign . Which is already wrong as per first point because of different signs.

4. In astrology, the shorter the period more is accuracy . So Moon sign gives the better results and ascendant gives the best. But Western astrology believes in Sun sign which is fixed for one month compared to Moon's 2.5 days.

That can give general results only .

Now with all these flaws in Western system , there can be no right predictions either for personality or for future events in western astrology. So they are easy targets by western scientists , who term Astrology as fraud and psychological manipulation.

Because of Western astrology's stupidity and publicity , Indian astrology also suffers same allegations and ignorant Indians on social media keep referring such studies to denounce astrology in general. But Indian astrology has far better record and system for prediction and knowing personality trait.

In Western astrology , they create a complex chart with many aspects of planet degrees of a moving zodiac , extra Saturnine planets like Uranus, Pluto , Neptune and even comets like Chiron and then utter mumbo , jumbo in a 30 page report to get 400 dollars fee without ever making sense and which can apply to any person any time . That is made worse using software for the same and churn out newspaper like predictions .

See one such sample report here : Page on

Knowing this basic flaw of western astrology, every year hundreds of westerners come to India specially to learn Vedic astrology while vedic astrology knowing Indian astrologer is never interested in western astrology . You may get many such examples in google search.

ImSakshiArora | Mon, 04/04/2016 - 07:29
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Nice Replied but i want something more information .

How to consider Gemstone weight?

prena10 | Mon, 04/04/2016 - 07:34
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Gemstone weight, what is the

Gemstone weight, what is the correct weight to wear? This question has been repeatedly tormented our client. Gemstones are an effective piece of remedy and a person can feel its effect almost immediately after wearing it. To know the correct weight and size of a gemstone one should consult an esteemed practitioner of Vedic sciences and wear appropriate gemstone weight, to get desired effects and significant results.

People tend to discuss with the shopkeeper and wear gemstones of fewer weights. This can prove to be harmful and may result in adverse effect on the life of the native. In order to benefit from the gemstone, one shall discuss and consult from an experienced astrologer to avail maximum benefit from it. Gemstone weight plays key role in providing benefits to the native.I have personally witnessed people face problem and even extreme troubles due to the fact that they wear heavier or lighter gemstones. Gemstones shall be considered like medicines and we all know that by just taking right medicine, does not solve entire problem. One must know right time and amount to solve the problem completely. Same is the case with gemstones weight, so one should wear appropriate weight of gemstones in order to avoid side effects and get maximum benefit from them.

For better understanding of gemstone weight, we shall see that many benefic planets must be placed in such combinations in almost all the horoscopes, that they can produce better results when a certain amount of extra energy is provided to them. One should not do this with the case of positive planets also, as if positive planets get extra energy, they dominate and interfere in effect of other planets and thus create problems. Let’s take another example of vitamins, we take them to fill deficiencies and provide body some extra energy but taking them too much is not good either, for body. Appropriate weight of a gemstone will provide the required strength to a benefice planet which is weak on one account or the other whereas a much heavier weight for the same gemstone can start causing problems for the native. Hence gemstone weight shall also be considered along with suitable planet’s gemstone.

Let’s consider now about quality of gemstones, people tend to buy cheap gemstones which are of low quality and expect the same result. It should be noted that gemstones require certain minimum efficiency to produce significant results and this is where the quality of the gemstones must not be compromised along with gemstone weight.

Gemstones absorb energy through upper surface and transfer that energy through lower surface to the native’s body. Let’s understand this with examples, gemstone Ruby will typically attract the energy of Sun from its upper surface and it will then transfer this energy into the body of the native wearing this gemstone, through its lower surface. Quality of gemstone along with gemstone weight play important role in transferring energy from upper surface to lower in gemstone.

Other then gemstone weight another factor that hinds gemstone’s effects are the impurities present in them like linings, dots and clouds where clouds form the worst kind of impurities and all these impurities block some part of gemstones. This means that when energy radiations enter the gemstones through the upper surfaces and they travel towards the lower surfaces of these gemstones, the impurities present inside gemstones block their path and do not allow them to pass through. Hence these energy radiations do not travel to native’s body and prove of no use.

Hence larger the amount of impurities, lesser is the quality of the gemstone. According to my research a gemstone shall have at least 40% of pure quality to be efficient and produce results. It means that for a Yellow Sapphire to be 40% efficient, it should transmit at least 40 energy radiations of Jupiter into the body of the native wearing this gemstone, if 100 energy radiations are captured by the upper surface of this Yellow Sapphire. Similarly if can transit 70 energy radiations it has quality rate of 70% and so on

Apart from transferring a higher percentage of energy into native’s body high quality gemstone transfer energy to planets having different wavelength and frequency which is not possible by gemstones of low quality. One should therefore consider gemstones quality along with gemstone weight to avail maximum benefit. Cheaper gemstones may be of as low as 10 % in frequency and hence the money goes wasted and not saved.

ImSakshiArora | Mon, 04/04/2016 - 07:36
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Basic flaw in astrology

These above comment which is really informative and useful to know a lot about it. Thank you.

Panchrathna Gems | Fri, 02/10/2017 - 10:55