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Dependence on "authority" has enslaved man and led to lot of exploitation. If we examine we see that the root cause of this is fear. A person fears that he on his own is not competent enough to deal with the problem and that dependence would deliver him from misery. In his eagerness to depend on others he forgets and does not face the root cause of all the problems, the confusion that he has in himself. Greed and laziness too may be a part of this but they are more obvious to scrutiny.
Observation and discovery depend on freedom. If one starts from a conditioned point of view and does not apply himself but merely takes what has been told to him by an authority figure he could turn out to be a fanatic and stop at the level of words. Certainly all that was communicated to him symbolised a fact which is different, vital and living which cannot be captured in words. Dharma does not reside in word alone the latter being a pointer to an observable fact.
Dependence on authority destroys the Guru too. Guru thinks he knows and by his very knowing he has blocked himself from being open It sets him up in a pedestal and the subtle seeds of ego are born. Disciples who practice humility only in the garb of outward respect do not realise what true humility is. True humility lies in a state of innocence of not coming to a conclusion and not being concerned by phony self respect.