Astrology - ancient origins rooted in mysticism

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Introducing Chakras In The Sky - a breakthrough research project. The truth is out there as a reflection of what lies within us. Explore my new cutting-edge research into the deeply mystical origins and higher spiritual purpose of astrology (a possible cohesive original intention that is at least 5 millennia old) on my website:

Based on years of intensive research with intriguing articles by respected guest authors.

Done in the spirit of Sri Yukteswar's The Holy Science, that was written to outline the basic unity of all religions. See how Vedic astrology or Jyotish is called "the eyes of the Vedas".

My intellectual-intuitive-spiritual "compass" guiding all of this research is based on my personal intensive spiritual work of the last two decades, based on my own spiritual experiences of Kundalini and the chakras, and guided by my personal mentor Sadguru and Paramaguru Sri Vasudeva of Blue Star, Trinidad.

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