Assumptions of The Hypnotism: -part-2

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Assumptions of The Hypnotism: -There is many assumptions and doubts about the Hipnotism in the people. But the important are given bellow. Hypnotism is a universal phenomenon. There is a great conflict that every civilization called it their invent only.
It had been used in almost all of the civilizations in the past in different -different modes. From the ancient time this art has been teaching to the people by the great masters (Guru's), as it got the more popular more of the conflicts had taken the birth. Mainly there were four kinds of the thoughts about it.
First. Those people used to believe In God and were the holy souls mainly engaged in the social welfare. They believed that Hypnotism was a great God gift and was given by the God itself to the true followers.
Second. Those people used to take it as music (tantra mantra only); it was a devils gift for them.
Third. Those people believed that it was a science only used to make hypnotize.
Forth. Those people used to believe it a fraud or black magic only. God and its great powers look different to the different people According to their thoughts only.
History of Hypnotism: -No doubts all powers and things dead or live in this universe are the creature of the God. Hypnotism is one of them .A loads of studies is required to know that what is hypnotism. And belong to which part of the science. Because this science has been older than modern science. Even it was there before the people learned to Wright .
IT had been proved in the digging of the many civilizations (Sindhu, Haddapa, Primads etc.) Even in many of the epics it is writhen (Bible, Holy Hindu books etc.) What is hypnotism :-It is related to the great silent powers reside in the human body. What are these? , Where are these? How these looks .The modern science is silent on this topic but Paravigayan has been explained it in very explanatory terms .Hypnotism is the science of Mann (combination of heart and brain ).It mainly focus on the humans fundamental Mann .It works by the eyes , touch or the words mainly .Hipnotism science is the important part of meditation and yoga .
In which yoga practice is the important process. By which work is done for the humans internal Mann and the body .The yoga by which not only evoke the internal powers but also the external powers .In this we focus on the eye mind, Mann and hand .In this complete process Focus is given on the internal powers you can say it any thing as (internal power, magnetic power or will power or ectoplasm, teleplasm, bioplasm) and executed through the Mann, eyes, Mind, Hand And Speech .By the using the hypnotism any person can leave the magical effects on the ,human , animals , plants , Rivers , mountains etc ,It works on the both dead and alive , but it depends on the permissions or will of the hypnotize .