Ask Guru anything, but never ask that are the "Questing person" Enlighthen?

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Every time new guru's spiritual master peace preacher appear on earth in all continent all languages for local community, they are all perfect as they are, compassionately express to man kind for self realization possibilities. The end result is not issue because including them doing best as part of divine energy. Public whom are not much attending such activities also not big issue, people who attended and not evolve, not achieved as per expectation of the specific also not issue. Compassionately speaking I’m authorize to talk about others, they are all right perfectly as what they are!

It’s a great shame to see some of so call follower of self realizing path practicing personal, not only never giving a chance for them self towards self express, self experience, self realizing by conditioning their mind, but also violating basic principle of universe and fundamental non-acceptance of spiritual & self realization process which jealously feeling emotion on other individual’s achievement’s like self express and self experience in self realizing happening.

Are these people expecting any guru's keep shouting and all individuals remain CLOSE both ear or close/OFF all sense? So that normal human remain as normal intellect evolution so that more and more Guru needed from time to time?

I as trainer and spiritual guru always tell my students/disciples/friends:
Dear compassionate intellect, flower of my heart, intellect of world! ask me any question, i might answer, all or some because you have your asking rights and I have my answering rights BUT NEVER ASK following:

Student asking
"Elan/Guru/Mahaguru do I enlightenment ready?"
Simplicity of this situation if yes then first of all the question shouldn't raise from individual!"


Guru will tell all other matter BUT you tell Guru when Enlighthen, its divine FACT and no one can debate about it, including Guru.

Acting spiritualism, looking spiritual or religious fanatism is not what spiritualism all about; dealing and to come to terms with disowned or shadow of oneself and then to come in tune with one’s true innate nature is what enlightenment or spiritualism is all about.
Gnanavallal Paranjothi Subramaniam (Guru)

Travel to inner self not scatter mind to outer world!
By Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan