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I could use your help in securing votes for my photo project:

Amma The Hugging Saint: Her Service to the World: Humanitarian Activities that Bring Hope & Peace

“The world should know that a life dedicated to selfless love and service to humanity is possible.”

The hugging saint Amma has brought peace to millions through her embrace and through her many humanitarian activities all over the world. With funding, I will create a photo-narrative about individuals in India and around the world who benefit from Amma’s humanitarian activities, bringing more awareness to the possibility of a selfless life.

The 20 projects with the most votes are reviewed, and one will win $50,000 to carry out their dream photo project. Please take a moment to consider my project and to vote for it if you think it is worthy..

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a million thanks!

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got it

You got my vote. Good luck.

And even if you don't win this time, carry on with your task, if it is the right thing in your heart, exactly the amount of money needed will come, it always works this way.

solo | Thu, 03/19/2009 - 21:46