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My dear sisters and brothers namaste ,

I LOVE so much SPIRITUAL BHARAT since more forty years , so I am organising blissful PILGRIMAGES in South INDIA to have the holy DARSHAN of true SAINTS , SIDDHARS , MAHATMAS , SATGURUS , PARAMAHAMSA ...so please can you advice me for these DARSHANS , for meeting really true SIDDHARS and SAINTS ... Can you give me addresses ?

With all my thanks , my Peace and my Love ,



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Wasting Time

You should understand what is spiritual and so called SPIRITUAL BHARAT. Without understanding this you have wasted more than forty years. Please do not organise imaginative blissful PILGRIMAGES in South INDIA to have the holy DARSHAN of true SAINTS , SIDDHARS , MAHATMAS , SATGURUS , PARAMAHAMSA. These are nothing more than sight seeing. The true SAINTS , SIDDHARS , MAHATMAS , SATGURUS , PARAMAHAMSA are within you and not out side. Try to find out first who you are before classifying, codifying others by hearsay names. Do not cheat yourself and others by these kind of acts. Find out a guru, till that time do NAMA JAPA OF YOUR FAMILY DEITY. Aquire basic knowledge and try to live by that till you find your guru. Once you find it you will realise the TRUTH.

vsrinivasan1879 | Fri, 07/24/2009 - 06:30
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My dear brother Srinivasanji ,

Very surprised by your reply of your mind ... The problem is that you are not SATGURU , so all you say is only the words of your mind...
The purpose of my BHARAT pilgrimages is only to share with some sincere seekers spiritual INDIA and have for them the holy DARSHAN of SAINTS and SATGURUS ; do you understand ? . Personnaly I seek nothing , I want nothing ; I AM ...

With Love and Peace ,



SONAGIRI | Fri, 07/24/2009 - 12:24
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Not at all

I totally disagree with you. The legend that place is not important is a nice theory but does not prove in actual experience.

Certain places have special energies and presence of certain spiritual entities and visiting these places is highly recommended. Italk out of direct and deep personal experience.

I also had your view for many years until I happened to visit (initially as sightseer) certain holy places and got effects that changed my spiritual life.

We sometimes, unnoticeably, arrive out of extreme spiritual thinking in too absolute terms to the same views of skeptic secular people. This is the fault of too much analysis. Just experience these places.

I encourage westerners to just try and go to India (which is full of collective spiritual conditioning and spiritual places) and those in India to visit these places. What can you lose? On the worst case, you visited and felt nothing.

For me personally, Meherabad proved incredible, the energy in Meher Baba's samhadi is inexplicable. Also Arunachala and Ramdas ashram in Kerala.

carlito santo | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 12:36
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My dear brother ,

Exactely I agree with you...Yes some place have a great energy and shakti ; as you I know very well ARUNACHALA
and ANANDASHRAM , and it is true all you say ...

Love and Peace


SONAGIRI | Sat, 07/25/2009 - 15:14
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Dear friend did your ever

Dear friend did your ever visit any temple in India?.Every temple place is an energy centre.There are 18 shakthi peethas and 12 jyothir lingas.Budha realised his soul in gaya.Saint malayala achieved his self realization in tirupathi.Do visit and experince and then only advice others.If you are a sadhaka you will definitely get vibrations in your body when ever you visit a temple.It is no waste of time .It is also part of our sadhana.Even saints undertake pilgrimage during chaturmasya.

mbnarayana | Fri, 07/31/2009 - 08:51
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My dear brother ,

Thank very much for your nice mail ; I agree with you ;
In november it is the 6th I shall do a new pilgrimage in South BHARAT ( as you can see on my web site : www.sonagiri.org ) with some sincere seekers ... Yes I had the darshan of some SAINTS and MAHATMAS , and I have visited many sacred TEMPLE : TIRUVANNAMALAI , SRISAILAM ( I cried after I had the darshan , SHAKTI and energy were so powerful and blissful !!! ) , THANJAVUR ,TIRUPATI , SRINGERI , KANCHIPURAM ,CHIDAMBARAM , SRIKALAHASTI , PALANI etc... It is always a new energy by the grace of LORD ...

Thanks with my LOVE and my PEACE ,
Be happy always ,

Sonagiri ( France )

SONAGIRI | Fri, 07/31/2009 - 12:38
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In Tamilnadu

Sri Aurobindo - Pondichery
Ramana Maharshi - Arunachala
Master CVV - Khumbakonam
Its adviced to visit these three places in Tamilnadu. These three saints had shown a new dimension to Yoga in this century. Visiting these places and doing meditation can give good vibrate. These masters showed us a way to solve our Karma. I think once visiting these places may get your group more knowledge and can know the personalities and their work.


Mastercvvyoga | Thu, 07/30/2009 - 06:12
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My dear brother ,

Many thanks for your comment ... I know the blissful samadhi of SRI AUROBINDO where I stood some times , and of course TIRUVANNAMALAI AND ARUNACHALA with the eternal presence of SATGURU RAMANA MAHARSHI ... More 20 years ago His nephew gave me the holy name of SONAGIRI ... I love very much TIRUVANNAMALAI and the holy mountain ARUNACHALA ...
I hope in one of my next pilgrimages go to KHUMBAKONAM ...

Thanks , Love , Peace and Light to you ,

Sonagiri ( France )


SONAGIRI | Fri, 07/31/2009 - 12:48
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see this books!

"seeking the master" muller....

and "southindian siddhars"

trichy ucchipillayar temple all murugar temples and tirupathy hills.. badesahib samadhi ... etc etc...

go with guide one mr.avudaiyappan explained me about chidambaram temple i was filled iwth divine energy literally "u must get such good mens to get divine energies fromt emple apart from meditations their...."

with love,

"stories of indian saints" by mahipati...
"stories of dhyaneswar"
and their works are filled with divinity...

with love

dhorai | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 17:32