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Discussions related to spiritual issues
Discussions related to gurus, spiritual teachers, traditions and ashrams
172147438 weeks 1 day ago
by kactive_ethics
Discussions related to organized religions
752023 years 19 weeks ago
by aac
Questions, tips & tricks, and advices relating to meditation techniques
824301 year 20 weeks ago
by Uma Yvonne
Consult with fellow seekers issues encountered on the path
10577846 weeks 16 hours ago
by casinogiant
Discussions about nothingness, the fear of emptiness, and their role on the path to enlightenment.
2013231 weeks 4 days ago
by Lorster
The year of horrible apocalypse predictions and drastic spiritual transformation. Are you prepared?
171506 years 2 weeks ago
by Elijah_NatureBoy
Theories, doctrines and teachings that try to give explanations to what is going on in reality and beyond
651995 weeks 2 days ago
by Child of God
Interpretations, quotes and views on notable religious and spiritual scriptures and texts
355 years 40 weeks ago
by dora
4413 years 4 weeks ago
by Higiuyama
128 years 8 weeks ago
by Blahnanda
237 years 34 weeks ago
by mariposa
10024930 weeks 5 days ago
by Lorster
125 years 11 weeks ago
by alon
6166 years 21 weeks ago
by Petr Czech Republic
Whatever spiritual can be discussed here
1264591 year 14 weeks ago
by Child of God
Discussions related to spiritual practices and therapies
Discussions about astrology
22691 year 20 weeks ago
by Uma Yvonne
Discussions about channeling, connecting with guides and angels
4195 years 22 weeks ago
by Swami Ananda
145 years 48 weeks ago
by yoda23
Discussions on tarot, numerology and other divination methods
1110 years 19 weeks ago
by Ekatraya
5114 years 43 weeks ago
by markpattinson902
1310 years 7 weeks ago
by Ecomancer81
Are drugs beneficial for spiritual development? Which drugs? What effects? Stories, views and Experiences.
131602 years 3 weeks ago
by Estace
Yoga discussions
14324 years 24 weeks ago
by madueszander
Discussions about healing, reiki, theta healing, and other healing methods
12582 years 11 weeks ago
by ashthepat
Chakras, energies, astral bodies, Kundalini
191132 years 5 days ago
by andersonsmith
Discussions and posting about powerful mantras and spells to attract abundance, to drive away the evil eye and others.
9324 years 4 weeks ago
by john
General discussions on other spiritual practices and therapies
301294 years 18 weeks ago
by shond
Discussions related to anything science has not discovered yet
Miracles, course in miracles and other things that even science cannot categorize as coincidence.
7154 years 42 weeks ago
by siddhashramdhaam
Discussions on death, afterlife, heaven, and hell
4443 years 5 weeks ago
by Higiuyama
Discussions related to spirits, ghosts & ghost hauntings
2168 years 25 weeks ago
by omsairam
Discussions on reincarnations and past lives
3204 years 49 weeks ago
Discussions about the convergence of science and spirituality
22955 years 4 weeks ago
by backwaters
119 years 24 weeks ago
by acharya punitanand
General discussions on other paranormal and supernatural
11546 years 10 weeks ago
by happy together
Discussions related to website
Questions and answers regarding the usage of the website.
61619 weeks 19 hours ago
by admin
Do you have suggestions and comments regarding Want to have other users join and feedback them? Want them considered and implemented by This is the place to post them!
5452 years 44 weeks ago
by Jasmin
Discussions related to local spiritual activities and locations
129 years 13 weeks ago
by nathan
14575 years 2 weeks ago
by aakashdeep
2489 years 26 weeks ago
by solomon
349 years 47 weeks ago
by Naradananda
1110 years 38 weeks ago
by Ralph_Ali_Nataraj
1110 years 37 weeks ago
by Ralph_Ali_Nataraj
1110 years 23 weeks ago
by suniltly
245 years 4 days ago
by erez
126 years 28 weeks ago
by Blackstar
119 years 47 weeks ago
by Naradananda