FAQ - Online Universal Temple

What is the Online Universal Temple?

Gurusfeet live free-style Online Universal Temple allows spiritual people from all paths and beliefs to leave aside for sometime their differences and join together in live online rituals, joint free-style prays, discussions, debates, studies, meditations and other temple activities.

When is the Online Universal Temple open?

Online Universal Temple and all its halls are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to pop in and participate whenever you feel to, together with others or alone.

Are there any special events orgenized in Online Universal Temple open?

Special praying ceremonies and gatherings events are scheduled regularly at certain timings. These events allow many people to connect to the temple in the same time and thus enhance the energies and power of the ceremonies and prays. It is an inspiring and exciting opportunity to participate in these events with other people from all around the world. Please see the Spiritual Events section for such upcoming online events.

What is the inner structure of the Online Universal Temple?

The temple is composed of several halls for different live activities:

Temple Lobby
Where you can informally meet others before entering any of the halls.
Praying Hall
Where you can join a joint free-style, universal, hetrogenous, intuitive praying. Speak whatever pray text you have in your heart in any (respectful) form and experience other's uniqe praying aproaches and blessings.
Debtaing Hall
Where you can join a live debating on a certain religious topic. This is the place where different spiritual aproaches and paths can be discussed, compared and argued. Please maintain a respectful manner of expression, even if you don't like opposing ideas and beliefs. Luckily, the dimension in which this temple operates does not support loud voices :-)
Meditation Hall
Where you can join a guided online group meditation. Feel free to join even if a meditation session has already started. You can also participate in the guiding according to your instincts. You can keep your eyes open and follow the guidings (you will find that you can maintain concentration and awareness even with your eyes open) or close your eyes and open them from time to time, synchronize with the group and browse the guidings.
Energy Hall
Where you can receive and transmit healing and other positive energies from/to others from distance in a free-style manner. This hall is known to be a very powerful place.

Are there any phenomena or sensations typically experienced inside the Online Universal Temple?

We found out that this Online Universal Temple is blessed with unique calming energies and atmosphere, maybe due to its universality. Different individuals may experience it in different ways when being inside and afterwards. Also, the strong energies centered around this universal temple happen to turn it into a powerful place to ask a wish

Are there any codes of behavior inside the Online Universal Temple?

In order to preserve the harmony in the Online Universal Temple regradless of different beliefs and paths, participants are kindly requested to maintain a respectful attitude towards the ceremonies, the other participants and their sensitivities. Please bare this in mind when expressing yourself within the temple.

Any other instructions to follow inside?

No, just enjoy and benefit from the experience, this will make us so happy!

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