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Alien Hand Syndrome

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I have just returned from a dinner I had with some friends in a nice restaurant. One of my friends is a neurologist. During the dinner he happened to mention an interesting neurological disorder called the Alien Hand Syndrome that one of his patients is suffering from. All were fascinated by the strange phenomena concerned with this disorder. My attention, on the other hand, was immediately drawn to the ridiculous light this syndrome sheds on our deep-rooted belief that we are the body and that this I-body is a consistent uniform solid entity.

A test to check your level of identification with the body

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*** Important Note: This spiritual technique, though enormously beneficial, might be too extreme for certain people due to the hard emotions that might arise during the practice of this technique. It is intended to be used only by advanced seekers. Do not run this test in case you are not sure you are emotionally stable, balanced and strong enough. This test is not recommended for people with mental problems or/and extreme fear of death. In case you feel that the emotions experienced are too strong, stop the test immediately and continue later, in moderate stages ***

"Am I The Body" meditation

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Look at your body as an external object.

Scientific Experiment: body-swap illusion tricks mind into out-of-body experience

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These findings are of fundamental importance because they identify the perceptual processes that make us feel that we own our entire body.

Karolinska Institute study report.

3 reasons why you believe you are the body, 3 reasons why you shouldn't

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3 key reasons why you believe you are your body

Check by yourself if you are the doer

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What if I tell you
that a split of second
before you finish doing something
it is already done?

What if I tell you
that a split of second
before you tell your body to do something

One day I woke up dis-identified with the body

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One morning, a few months ago, I woke up dis-identified with the body.

There was the body and there was me. Simple as that.

Embrace the body in order to disidentify from it

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Intellectually, I am convinced that I am not the body. Thinking that I am the body is such a ridiculous idea as I have so little control over it. How can I be something I have no control over?

Am I realy taking antibiotics?

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I caught a flu and I'm taking antibiotics. Wait a minute, actually, I am not taking antibiotics, I am giving antibiotics, I'm giving my body antibiotics.

One "I", many "I"s, no "I"

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Your preconceptions determine what you see.

In other words, you see only what you are programmed to look for and to look through.