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Madame Blavatsky (1831 – 1891) - 3

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We can understand that some great Masters from the Astral world select mediums for their work. It is evident that Masters of the Higher regions is selecting all the Gurus.

KUNDALINI AWAKENING ? Do u know ur Inner Bodies apart from Physical body - 1

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Yogi Suraj Nath's book

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Greetings sadhaks and sadhikas. Yogi Suraj Nath's book "Insight into Meditation and Yoga" has just gone online, at www.nathyoga.org It is an enlarged and revised edition of his earlier online book.

Taraka Raja Yoga - 2(A New Yoga, New Path & New Direction)

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When we are ready to enter in this spiritual kingdom, Master will send one of his mediums to us. He will tentatively initiate us. But the Master will give the Real Initiation, sometime later.

2 hour intensive kundalini meditation - London 16-10-10

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The mind is given to you, you are not given to the mind. Yogi Bhajan

Prayer VS Meditation - 2

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In our line of Yoga (Master’s Yoga), we use the word in the place of Meditation. Master CVV founded that word in a different connotation with a broad meaning.

1.2 Discover Within... Love, Energy, Awareness & Peace (LEAP)... Your Essential Nature Self Oriented Is The Way

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Yoga and any spiritual tradition demand you to become self oriented not other oriented.

Was Osho a demon (rakshas) as called by Shri Mataji

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Madame Blavatsky (1831 – 1891) - 2

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The five year stay in America was a trying period in her life. Financially she was in a depressed state, for the funds coming from her parent were stopped.

Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

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Law of Karma – “Value Systems for Success”

Spiritual Delusion: