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The Way ...

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" It is RIGHT it is TRUE, IT is right in Front of YOU,

It, is NOT,Rough,Bumpy,Rushed or UnKind,

It's ALWAYS, Helping,Gentle and Bring's PEACE of MIND,

IT, Can be used by ANYONE,at ANY T.I.M.E.

It Can be used by Women and Men and even by the BLIND,

It is NEVER Wrong, It is Always RIGHT,

It is TRUE by DAY, It is TRUE by NIGHT,

It is FREE of PAY, It is The LIGHT,

IT is the WAY "

— Ace Banger, The Guru

Right Way Wrong Way

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The ego likes to say what is the wrong way what is the right way. It is all the imagination. Words and concepts are not truth. At best, they can point to truth, but they are not truth. Language is limited.

— Pamela J. Wells

Political Correctness ...

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" We P.C. around Other People's Feeling's
at the CO$T of Our Own , Until' NONE are Shown "

— Ace Banger, The Guru