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The whole world is composed of dust

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Yea, the dust plays its role.
The whole world is composed of dust;
Dust is the horse, dust is the rider.
Dust chases dust, the whole rattling is of dust.
Dust destroys dust, all weapons are made of dust.
Dust abides in dust, dust is full of self-conceit.
Dust is the garden, dust are the flowers.
Dust comes to see the spring of dust.
Ultimately, dust returns to dust, the whole world
is the expansion of the dust.
O Bullah! he who understands this secret
does not entangle himself in the game of dust.

— BY: Hazart Baba Bulle Shah.

Be free of the world

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Be free of the world. Only then are you free to participate in it. Otherwise you are bound to your attachments, and you cannot act freely.

— Omkaradatta

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The world is a contradiction; the universe a paradox.

— Kedar Joshi


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Its a perfect world only thought complicates it. Thought is sorrow. Isn't it?


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Once I know myself as I am what else is there to know?

I Long For a World of Peace, Love and Harmony

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My wish every day is that I could do more and more for humanity. When I look at the world and see how much it is lacking in human values I long for the day when we would have a world of true peace, love and harmony. My every waking moment is spent in doing something about it. I feel so responsible having experienced the beauty and power of the inner world that I want to share the secret with everyone who would listen.

— Sri Vasudeva

"Naam" ("Word") as described in many traditions

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"Naam" ("Word") has been described in many traditions through the use of several different terms, The following expressions are interpreted as being identical to "Naam":

"Naad", "Akash Bani", and "Sruti" in the Vedas

"Nada" and "Udgit" in the Upanishads

"Logos" and "Word" in the New Testament

"Tao" by Lao Zi

"Music of the Spheres" by Pythagoras

"Sraosha" by Zoraster

"Kalma" and "Kalam-i-Qadim" in the Qur'an

"Naam", "Akhand Kirtan" and "Sacha ('True') Shabd" by Guru Granth Sahib .

— Traditions.

the beautifull birch and the disapearing stars

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i have recently moved from the city, to a town of two hundred and sixty three people. it is incredibly quiet and peacefull, and the sky goes black at night revealing more stars then ever before.

Nimisha Prasada

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Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji says, “If we work for the welfare of others, God looks after our welfare. ”

— Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

Experience and Observer

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Our views about ourselves, the world and God are related or entwined in more ways than we would imagine. In fact they could be an outcome of a singular view.