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Meditation related Q: for the forum members.

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What will happen if each & every person of this world:

"Try" to spend his/her "Spare time" on meditations seriously & wholeheartedly ?

Kindly Note 1: "Try" means just try, not very Compulsary.

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I know what the world exists for, but I know not how it came into existence. I see the design, but not the designer. I understand the question, but not the questioner.

— Kedar Joshi

The World You Think You See (Poem)

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The World You Think You See

The world you think
you see waving as

The I that yearns
to be is (is not)

The mind appears
to flee that which
is impediment

Designated driver

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Every group of people needs a designated driver.

To avoid the accidents of this world.

But they pick the most drunken

And are amazed by the cruelties of the road.


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I grew up with nature all around me in school, but anly realised that God dwells in the nature around me when i read this article by Shri Shri Nimishananda...

A Meditation on Madness

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NM: Each man suffers alone and dies alone. Numbers are irrelevant. There is as much death when a million die as when one perishes.

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The world is a garden of philosophy. God is its gardener; Man is the visitor. And any tree that does not bear fruits of philosophy either does not belong to that garden or is yet to be grown.

— Kedar Joshi

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The world is truly beautiful solely in the eyes of a true philosopher.

— Kedar Joshi

What is "Naam or Word"

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........................"Naam or Word"
NAAM is easier said than known and practiced. It is
only an adept in the mysteries of Naam who knows

The whole world is composed of dust

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Yea, the dust plays its role.
The whole world is composed of dust;
Dust is the horse, dust is the rider.
Dust chases dust, the whole rattling is of dust.
Dust destroys dust, all weapons are made of dust.
Dust abides in dust, dust is full of self-conceit.
Dust is the garden, dust are the flowers.
Dust comes to see the spring of dust.
Ultimately, dust returns to dust, the whole world
is the expansion of the dust.
O Bullah! he who understands this secret
does not entangle himself in the game of dust.

— BY: Hazart Baba Bulle Shah.