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Seer = Seeing = Seen

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An interesting excerpt from "I Am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj:

Q: You say that the seer, seeing and the seen are one single thing, not three. To me the three are separate, I do not understand.

What object to observe?

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There are numerous objects to observe in meditation, external and mainly internal - sounds, visions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, breath, fears, energies, inner body field... to name a few.

A watcher which cannot be watched

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This who watches
is so quiet.
So quiet
that he is present
at all time.
So quiet
that he cannot be watched.
A watcher which cannot be watched.

This is the special meaning

No witnessing when no (calm) mind?

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There is a certain kind of people whom when I am in company, my mind gets crazy. It starts switching rapidly in a chaotic stream of endless short noisy nervous jumpy pieces of thoughts.

Consciousness, Witnessing, & Awareness ~Osho

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Question: What is the difference between awareness and witnessing?

What type of meditations do you usually do?

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Mini Mantra to Zap into Witness Consciousness

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Life without Control

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To live is to act, yet is there a need of doer or controller. To me the kernel of spiritual life is in living a full life which does not require a controller.

Witness Consciousness in Meditation

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"There are 4 things required
in order to be able to become
a witness to thoughts.

The first is the full allowing
of thinking to be.

If you try and manipulate thinking

Know thyself

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Know thyself is an old saying.

In order not to deceive ourselves, to see the false precedes seeing of truth in false and seeing of truth as truth is the last.