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Only Dust!

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If parents you kick
And guests you prick
And to wife you stick
But for God, you light a wick,
Only dust you’ll lick.
Know your mind is sick.

Is Truth A Tale?

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Truth is not a tale
That is on sale,
Practice turns you pale,
In the beginning you may fail,
In the end, thee people hail,
Ocean of the world is easy to sail,


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While serious words
fuel conflict and chaos,

Laughter boggles the mind
to vanish the many
into ONE.

— O'no

A Crane Cannot Become A Swan!

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However, false Gurus look for hero’s role
By maya, each is caste in a joker’s role.
Before God’s children, each is a talking doll,
A crane cannot become a swan whatever you cajole.

Who Will Cry?

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Who will cry?
And you know why?
Who lets his duties fly,
Who doesn’t even try
Only he will cry.
From him He will fly
Then he becomes sly.

Immortal Football Game!

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Immortal game of football
Here Nath Yogi narrates to all.
Who understand his call
For them there is no fall.
To play this one needs no money
Nor does one require things any.


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If wisdom descends on you, you’ll always be a beginner. That’s the most advantageous position.

— Swami Premodaya


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"It is eminently possible for just about anybody, to live life in such a manner that it's essentially problem-free."

— Swami Premodaya


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Awareness is not something you can possess, its is the nature of your very Being...

— Aadyananda

The Learned!

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They are the learned
If wisdom they earned,
To the Guru they turned,
God they churned,
Untruth they spurned,
Ego they burned,
To heaven they returned,
They are the learned.