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Bhagavad Geeta - raft of wisdom


Though thou mayest be the most sinful among all the sinful, yet by the raft of wisdom alone thou shalt go across the ocean of all sin.

Ignorance is the Greatest Sin....

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"The greatest sin is ignorance...ignorance of the Divine."

It is not a matter of imagination or of mere intellectual speculation.It is the eternal foundation of your true being.You must know it.Master brings you the way.When you receive him you will lift yourself into The Light..The Grace...The Wisdom of God...."

— Lynn...

Wisdom of the..."HEART"

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Distinguishing true Love from the one that is only an illusion is based on the Respect that you are capable of giving and the one you receive, in the potential that rises in you to develop new paths,

Truth's Law

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realization has nothing to do with accumulating wisdom
it is all about the enemas we need
to rid us of all crap
we call wisdom.

Self's Law of Nonduality:
there is no difference between crap and wisdom,
so the more we MUST believe something
the more certain it is crap... except for the holocaust, sex and enemas. .

Really Really REALLY

— O'no


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Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.

— Anonymous

Forgiveness Is My Mother!

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Forgiveness is my mother,
Truth is my father,
Unselfishness is my brother,
Wisdom is my Eternal Father,
I need no being other.
However, I do my duty
To shine my Guru's beauty.


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बुद्धियुक्तो जहातीह उभे सुकृतदुष्कृते।
तस्माद्योगाय युज्यस्व योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्॥

Endowed with equanimity, one sheds in this life both good and evil.
Therefore, strive for the practice of this Yoga of equanimity. Skill in action lies in (the practice of this) Yoga.

— Subhashitani- Ancient Sanskrit Sayings

The Wise Vs Fools

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Knowledge contains both good and bad.
The bad is taken by fools who are mad,
The wise take only the good with their minds fixed
Like royal swans sip only milk though the water be mixed.


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No one and nothing can free you but your own understanding.

— Ajahn Chah

Immortal Cricket Match!

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What is the use of playing a cricket match?
Listen to the Nath Yogi’s immortal cricket match.
To play this one requires no money
Nor does one require things any.