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Harmonics of DNA

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Being a music lover myself, I thought that I would share this piece of information from Mr. LePar’s source, The Council.

Birth and Rebirth

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The following is the first posting by another member of our group.

So this is blogging…

The Illusion of Time - Part 2

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Questioner: Yes, I understand. It appears that we really shouldn't worry too much about how things work, and just concentrate on love.

A Mother's Day Message

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Since Mother’s Day is at hand I thought that a bit of information from The Council about mothers and the feminine aspect would be appropriate.

The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 1

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This will be the first in a series of ten postings on the subject of prayer from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council.

Quartz Crystals – Comparing energy fields of crystals and living things.

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Questioner: Cleaning your crystals. Do they need to be cleansed?

The Council: Well, if you drop it in a mud puddle, rinse it off with water.

All: (Laughter)

Prayer for disasters

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In this part on prayer, William LePar’s source, The Council, are talking about situations that need more effort in the form of prayer than what is normally required such as prayer for Mother Earth o

The Illusion of Time - Part 1

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I will warn you before you begin reading that this is a very involved concept that The Council is expressing here. There is much to mull over.

The Unicorn – mythical, magical, real?

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The unicorn has always been considered a mythical and magical creature with special powers, especially in the middle ages.

Chakras, the atom and the essence of life.

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Each element in physical creation is made up of atoms that consist of a different number of protons, neutrons and electrons. The Council takes us a step or two beyond our standard understanding.