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I am the way, the truth and the life

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‘'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man commeth unto the Father but by me''

The First Step

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The first step in the Spiritual path is to realise that no matter what we do or whatever path or method that we follow, we only strengthen this center of egotistic activity.


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It would not be difficult to see that Spiritual life demands a complete transformation in our psyche. Mere change is of no help.

Emotions, Thinking & Observation

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For a lot of people the traditional ways seem to be inadequate. The myths and theistic interpretation seem to go against the known scientific approach. How is such a person to start?


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Meditation is an important subject and hardly anyone of us has not tried some form of it. One knows it to a lesser or greater degree.

My Path

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Three ingredients of my path are:-

First --- A restlessness or movement without a direction.

A few words about my way and the New Environment

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The Way

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Q. You said yesterday that Truth is knowable and there is a ‘Way’ to it. What is it?

A. We must begin from the beginning.


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Is Truth Simple----- No it is not.

Is it complex--------- If complex is opposite of simple how would it be (when it is not simple).