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Practice of virtue

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Great stock is laid on practice and cultivation of Virtues. There is no denying that we need to have an acceptable form of outward behaviour so that the society and order is not disturbed.

For Beginning Spirituality

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Respect is the beginning of spiritual truth, because with due respect done right all is well so.

— Jesse, Camarillo

The Best Virtue

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When what you think, what you have in your heart and what you give out are in unison, that is truth. When they're one, that is truthfulness.

Bhagavad Geeta - Virtuous Acts followed by Spiritualists


The acts of sacrifice, alms giving, and penance as enjoined in the ordinances are commenced by the followers of the Vedas by uttering 'Om'.

Flowers Of Life

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"The perfume of flowers goes not against the wind.
Not even that of sandalwood, of rose-bay, or of jasmine.
But the perfume of virtue goes against the wind,
and travels to the ends of the earth"

— the Dhammapada (penguin classics version) Chapter 4: Flowers Of Life