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Vegetarianism and Spirituality - from ancient times to the present

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This is a text by Tony Samara except where quoted:

A View / Vision of / On Human Life

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Planet Earth Belongs to All beings & place of experiencing the Dream(s).
Compassionate not pity ( Self or Others ).
Concerned for Surroundings & Environment


Terrible pressure from family members "Vegetarianism"

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I tell you. I was born in a family of meat-eaters. As a child, I did not partake of it. Nobody can force you. One may refuse. I can love you but it is not necessary to eat what you eat.

Are you veg or non-veg?

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Meet up / Share

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1. Share only vegetarian restaurant in China.
2. Meet for group meditation on weekend / Sunday.

Metta ~ Peace & Harmony for All.