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What is the True Spirit of the Olympics?

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So I was thinking… “What is the true spirit of the Olympic games”?

Knowing truth

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Truth can be known. Probably the whole reason for the creation to be there is the knowing power called Chitta Shakti. Creation is nothing but the manifestation of that power.


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"men may come,men may go, but i go on for ever!"
yes dedicated or undedicated men come and go but i or we must go on doing our duty ......
its the motto...or message...

— dhorai.


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To understand the great cosmic symphony one must understand the fivefold and sevenfold musical scale that is the music of spheres.

Cosmic Unity

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Since God made Man in his image, Man also must be a Unity and this needs to be discovered.


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Enlightenment has nothing to do with the head or the heart. Certainly, the head and the heart tend to open up, but that’s a byproduct. Enlightenment is actually waking up from the head and from the heart. It’s waking up from the dream of “me” and seeing the oneness of all things. That’s what I mean by “reality”: that oneness. The truth is that you are that unity. You are not simply a particular person in a particular body with a particular personality; you are that one reality, which manifests itself as all these seemingly separate things.

— Adyashanti