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Maitreya Ishwara

Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Wayne Anthony Unsworth
Spiritual Teacher
Advaita, Satsang, Meditation, Conscious Surrender
Main Countries of Activity: 
Germany, New Zealand
Date of Birth: 
6 July 1949
Place of Birth: 
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
14 July 2012
Other Related Gurus: 
Shiva, Buddha

Reiki as consciousness

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The word 'energy' is bandied about so much these days. And it's highly relevant as it underlies life. It's important to also understand that there are different kinds of energy. Metabolic energy is what we use to fuel the physical body. There's psychic, emotional and mental energy. Then there's healing energy.

Even if we were to understand Reiki purely on energetic terms, the distinction still needs to be made that Reiki is spiritual energy, or rather a way to tap into it. What might that be? It's the all-encompassing, overarching common denominator.

Energy is undeniable and there is an energetic manifestation of Reiki. Before that aspect can be experienced and effective, however, a subtler causal level acts as a backdrop.

This backdrop is nondual consciousness. Nothing has separated or differentiated from it yet. It is One and all-pervading. This consciousness has no distinctions of subject/object, mind/matter, words/concepts, or space/time.

Reiki as consciousness II

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Read Part I

As Reiki originates in unity consciousness, so its practice also engenders the same. Let's understand how this happens. Earth and Celestial Ki are polar expressions, rather than being dualistic. There's a subtle distinction. Duality is one or the other, two oppositional forces that are separate. Water in the refrigerator is cold; water boiled in a kettle is hot. It's tough to jump from these directly to warm. Yet introduce polarity and the possibility of blending hot and cold appears. Polarity is the balance between two complementary states. It's the in-between state that can take us from duality to unity.

Cold water has it's uses, as does hot water. Earth Ki is specific in its qualities, as is Celestial Ki. In Reiki we work with each specialty for our betterment. We also have the significant opportunity to blend the two, to become one. The perfect balance between the polar energies of Reiki leads to unity consciousness.

And this is where healing really occurs. Whether you're practicing on yourself or another, that practice is not symptomatic relief, but the essential change of consciousness. Symptomatic relief is part of the package, but it's a surface effect. Reiki often surprises people with its power. Knowing Reiki is spiritual healing in its purest sense brings its power into perspective.

how we can manifest heaven!

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consider film avvai shanmukhi has 16 virtues....

can u use 16 virtues in real time.....

no not at all........

u have to become zero to realise it they say.....

Vedanta in a nut shell

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1. The unity of existence

The One Mystery (part 1) by Bede Griffiths

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Dialogue with Hindus is something which has grown up only very recently in India.


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Pondering on the amazing things that come up from synchronicity – all the people who appear in our lives at just the right time. Sometimes some are like the oven which warms the kettle.

a legendary partnership! a magical me! 4th episode!

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a legendary partnership.....

i was just 7 or 9 years old......

a cricket match was being played between two teams a bet match at that.....

we were 9 down for 25 but target is 110....

When i lost my voice! a gene effect!

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i was in my plus 1 and plus 2 when this even happened...

When dr MGR was shot in throat i lost my voice....which show how much we are one and how we are connected by genes.

a magical me! 5th episode! pattu miss!

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i was just 4 years old.....
i was joined to one V K R V school.....
she was a angel and her name was pattu miss or pattu teacher....