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Everything we do and say is Channeling for/of the "spirit," SELF –
all our thoughts, words, creativity, deeds and even abuse and destruction is Channeling of/for SELF ...


Self Seeking

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Self plays hide and seek with it-Self through mortals.
Self finds/reveals it-Self through mortals as Kundalini, Samadhi.

All the awesome power, wisdom and knowledge of Gods and Angels

what does it mean to be a woman, spiritually?...

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what does it mean to be in a particular body shape..what are the existential attributes inherent...

I Am and Can Only Be...

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Anything I've written in journals or elsewhere about "I am this" or "I want to be this" is bullshit.

Monism, Advaita,

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ADVAITA is just a language
that penetrates through dualities
like a hot knife melts butter:

it comes from
an ineffable freedom
in which all dualities
vanish into their black-hole.

— O'no