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Mystic Poetry of Kabir

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Na Mein Dharmi Na Hi Adharmi
Na Mein Jati Na Kaami Ho |
Na Mein Kehta Na Mein Sunta
Na Mein Sevak Swami Ho ||

Na Mein Bandha Na Mein Mukta
Na Mein Virat Na Rangi Ho |

The Fear of Love

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We often hear about the play between Love and Fear. How one can't "see" the Love because it is "hidden" by fear. Or that True Love drives out all fear, and all the other clichés.

Songs of Milarepa

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Response to a Logician

I bow at the feet of my teacher Marpa.
And sing this song in response to you.
Listen, pay heed to what I say,
forget your critique for a while.

What is Satsang ?

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The holding of shows is not Satsang. The Satsang means the company with truth as Sat means truth and Sang means Company. The Satsang is the name of the union of the soul with the Lord.

Selections from 'No Way' by Ram Tzu aka Wayne Liquorman

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No Way by Ram Tzu

You want your purveyors of Truth
To look and act special.

You want them different
And separate
And powerful.

You prefer to imagine them
Cloaked in light

rest within

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The rest which we all seek and continue daily to keep within our grasp is often the hardest to achieve.

Truth is nondual

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The truth is nondual. What does this mean?

A true religious man

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A true religious man is he who rises above duality and searches for the golden principles of true religion by adopting which the mind is cleansed and freed from greed, hatred, enmity, violence and jea

The words of Rudi

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What are flowers for the worship?
To be filled up with Consciousness.