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Holy Fools by Rev. Linda Hoddy

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"Holy Fools"
March 25, 2001, Rev. Linda Hoddy

Liberation is one simple seeing

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Reading through all the texts it would seem that liberation is:

a) difficult, and/or
b) takes a long time and a lot of effort.

That's not true.

All it takes is one look.

Song of the Mind by Niutou Farong (Translated by Master Sheng Yen)

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Song of the Mind

by Niutou Farong (594-657)

A Zen text from the Daily Zen Journal- the slower you go through it, the better; every single line can fill a meditation session.


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People here say that they are straight forward and want truth.
But when one is there for truth they escape.
What would you say.

Four Minor Upanishads

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The Tejabindu Upanishad

1. Let us meditate on the shining Self,
Changeless, underlying the world of change,

Take Not the Name of God

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Take not the name of God.
Not just when it is in vain.
Take not the name of God at all.

Not because of some moral
or metaphysical

Take not the name of God

To create a Hindi Version of This Site,

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I suggest to Respected Guru's feet.com to create a hindi version of this site, because most of the peoples, who are v good in their knoledge regarding: sprituality or guru's cant be able to oprate the

Why Seekers Are Lost - Part One

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Why does the spiritual path not seem to work?

Mystic Stories

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Disciple: Please, will you hold my hand till I reach the end?
Master: Boy! You got to go there alone. Even two is a crowd there!