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Watch your skepticism when you invastigate your pension plan

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Investigating a pension plan is a tedious and analytically-challenging task if you are not an insurance savvy.

spirit-less through spirit-full

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You can reach the spirit-less only through the spirit-full.

A spirit-less path will lead you nowhere. A spirit-full path will lead you to the nowhere.

— Riktam Kantu

When things go wrong

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Sometimes, we wonder "What did I do to deserve this", or "Why did God have to do this to me".

Here is an explanation!!!


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A better word for faith would be trust, a deep inner trust in life, god, universal intelligence, whatever you want to call it. A deep trust, that can only be there when you are connected with that which is beyond the mind, because it is the mind where belief operates. Deeper than belief is faith. Faith has nothing to do with stories.

— Eckhart Tolle
Deepening The Realization Of Being