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Why people fail to get true religion/sect

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IMO, people fail to get true religion/sect because the aim of true religion is to help only the souls who are yearning to get back from where they started the journey of life in the beginning, or God.

True Religion is 1, 1 and only 1!

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The true Guru is only one,
The minute indweller is only one,
The Eternal Father is only one,
Never ending bliss is only one,
Endless love is only one,
Infinite consciousness is only one,

Preachings Of Great Souls!

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Great souls preached only one truth,
Their lives bore testimony to this eternal truth,
They never preached any sect or religion
That belongs to some particular region.

The Supreme Law Of Human!

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No Guru is there for woman,
The Guru is worshipped by man,
The husband is worshipped by woman.
This is the Supreme law of human.
The husband is God and Guru for woman,

The Essence Of All Religions!

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Let truth be your speech,
Let righteousness never breach,
Practice what parents teach
Next, what the true Guru does preach.
Their services ever you beseech,
Then satisfy guests each,

True Religion Unites All Religions!

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“Oh! my Guru, please explain
As I want to know the truth plain.
Who is Sikh? Muslim is who?
Who is Buddha? Christ is who?
Who is Jain? Hindu is who?”