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Guru - a Path of Complete Accomplishment -

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Having a teacher to guide us in any field is invaluable. This is true in Spirituality as well.

How will I know when I have found my true guru ?

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How does a person determine when they have found the guru who is karmically bound to lead them to enlightenment ?

He who calls himself swami

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He who calls himself swami...

He who lets others call him swami...

He who agrees even to his guru's wish to be called swami...

He is, of course, not a swami.

can anybody sugesst me how to find a true guru.

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can anybody sugesst me how to find a true guru.

If anybody is in serch of spritual guru, satguru, teacher,master, murshidekamil , saints etc

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numberless people are trying to become guru these days, it is latest in fashion these days,well it became a buissness to run their stores,specially in india they are leaving behind the smugllers, this

How True Spritual Masters Shows Their "Supernatural" Powers,

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yes how one true spritual master shows his supernatural power, just remember one thing that this whole universe is the game of god, when one true spritual master reaches at the highest peak of his med

How difficult it would be for the guru to find a true seeker.

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few days before i joined the site, i have seen that how members of this site are trying their level best to find or ditect true gurus or teacher, as some of the members have also decided to creat a ch

seeker's feet.com

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few days before i joined guru's feet .com, but now i have become the guru myself, because you know my karma points have reached obove 2012 ,and i have taught number of peoples obout sprituality,enligh

A lerner can slowely reach to the truth, But a teacher can never

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if anybody wants to reach to the truth, than always try to be the learner before reaching the truth, always say that i am lerner , otherwise no doub,t the lack of knoledge will make us the teacher as

Do any true spritual master or teacher exist in this genration.

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Do any true spritual master exist in this genration, can any body refer me the address.